About Us

MEGA International is a global software company helping corporations and government agencies manage enterprise complexity by providing an interactive view of their operations. Business and Technology leaders use MEGA solutions to gain the visibility and information they need to drive business and digital transformation. 
For years, MEGA has been recognized by prominent industry analysts as a leader with innovative business solutions in enterprise architecture, IT portfolio management, governance, risk and compliance.
In APAC, MEGA has established a strong customer base made of the largest regional organizations – FSI, E&U, Telco, Government…- and our regional team is driving a significant growth in North East Asia, South East Asia and Australia-New Zealand.

Customer Success Consultant APAC

As a Customer Success Consultant APAC, you will be a key member of the service team based in Singapore and will be instrumental in the strong development of our business in the region.
Your mission will be to ensure that our customers and partners in APAC are successfully achieving their business objectives using our business solutions and are progressively expanding their usage of our software to deliver more value. 
Your product expertise will make you uniquely qualified to share best practices and recommendations with customers, and your customer expertise will make you uniquely qualified to advocate for MEGA customer base and influence internal strategy.

Responsibilities / what you'll do

  • With a consulting approach, engage with our regional clients to support them in building successful EA programs and meet their business objectives
  • Become our clients’ first point of contact once the platform is in production
  • Contribute to increase revenue throughout the post-sales lifecycle: increase product utilization, upsell new products and services, identify and close new business within existing accounts, convert to multi-year agreements, and minimize churn.
  • Ensure users are satisfied and any issue is under control
  • Proactively inform clients of new versions and product upgrades
  • Develop strong operational relationships with clients’ project teams, providing analysis and coaching during initial product implementation and employee onboarding,
  • Return important customer data and insights to the regional team, with the goal of influencing internal strategy and securing the success of customer base.
  • Coach and nurture regional partners to keep them up to date with Mega solutions, to maximize their sales and implementation capacity.

Requirements / what you'll need

  • 5+ years of work experience
  • Experience in IT Consulting, Enterprise architecture or Application Portfolio Management
  • Strong consulting skills to analyze client pains and propose solutions and identify services opportunities
  • Ability to learn, apprehend and master the functional capabilities, methodology and use cases of MEGA’s solutions in order to advise the customer and promote best practices 
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to persuasively communicate recommendations and effectively champion customer needs
  • Excellent organization, project management and time management skills
  • English Fluent, another Asian language is a plus (Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia…)

To apply, please submit a copy of your resume to recruit@mega-apac.com