Many large companies are focused only on “keeping the lights on,” where their priorities are maintenance and preventing system breakdowns –  instead of putting their efforts into more advanced systems and innovation.

IT departments currently face three major challenges:

  • IT costs have soared due to the growing number of redundant assets
  • IT departments lack flexibility and struggle to combine back-end systems with new cloud solutions
  • CIOs face increasing risks from IT threats to compliance

Three steps to manage IT as a strategic asset

1. Rationalize your IT landscape

IT departments need to build detailed inventories of their assets, including applications, technologies, and infrastructure, to fully understand the intricacies of their systems. That will give them a better basis for making important decisions about enterprise transformation — thereby cutting costs and reducing complexity.

2. Reconcile legacy systems with new applications

By understanding the dependencies and value of their applications, IT departments can reduce the complexity and increase the flexibility of IT systems. Transformation scenario analyses and a detailed understanding of their IT portfolios will ensure the smooth integration of new technologies with legacy back-end systems.

3. Implement your IT strategy with a focus on innovation, and mitigate risks

By consolidating their assets, IT departments can allocate an increasing portion of their budgets to new initiatives, while keeping a lid on risks. CIOs can strengthen their companies’ IT governance principles, and, by extension, the entire enterprise transformation process.

How we can help you overcome the challenges of IT strategy delivery

At MEGA, we can help you map, evaluate, and transform your applications, technologies, and infrastructure – taking into account their impact on your current and future IT strategy. You will get a good understanding of which applications and IT assets expose your company to higher risks, and make the right decisions for mitigating those risks. You will be able to allocate more resources to new business initiatives and reduce the time spent on maintaining legacy systems.

Our HOPEX products are built on a unique integrated platform to generate greater synergies for advancing your business and IT transformation. The platform is a collaborative, multilingual workspace with a single repository that can be accessed through a role-based interface. It gives you a single, dynamic, and shared view of your business with real-time tools for improved monitoring and decision-making.