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Organizational and process optimization has been our core business since MEGA was founded in 1991. With proven methods and decades of experience to describe, streamline and transform your operating model, our consultants will help you translate business strategy and requirements into an effective change.

By setting up a process-based management system, we will enable you to identify synergies among your businesses, break down silos between divisions, foster cross-functional collaboration, and allow for effective governance of your processes. This will make your value chain run more efficiently and create a truly customer-focused organization.

We can help you every step of the way to outline the performance you expect from your processes, establish the key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets, clearly describe the role of each process manager, and help you implement and manage the change. Our consultants can also help you identify and manage risks directly on your process models.

Positioned at the intersection of business and IT, our consultants will outline a formal, software-based approach that will make it easier for you to generate action plans for both process and IT improvement and successful organizational transformation. This approach will combine process mapping with field research, and will draw on proven continuous improvement standards and methods.

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MEGA consultants are specifically involved in assignments such as:

  • Formalizing the company business strategy
  • Designing the business process maps and business architecture
  • Streamlining business processes and sharing best practices
  • Implementing a business process-based governance framework
  • Implementing a continuous improvement capability
  • Creating business continuity and disaster recovery plans

“MEGA offers a methodology enabling our customers to efficiently and effectively manage their business transformation efforts and develop a long-term program of sustainability. We tailor those specifics to the unique circumstances that your organization presents. In the end, we help you accomplish your transformation goals in a timely, efficient manner, while ensuring nothing is overlooked.”

Richard Winnik, Director of Consulting, MEGA North America Operations

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