Our Offering

Our consultants are specialized in HOPEX software implementation, so they can help you roll out our software effectively – no matter how complex your IT system may be. Guided by a proven deployment methodology and process, they will make sure that your product is being used at optimal performance levels in the operating environment specific to your organization.

MEGA’s consultants can also manage the entire software integration process. They can develop personalized interfaces and deliverables based on your specifications, and configure the software according to our integration best practices.

On top of these implementation and integration services, our consultants can take care of all HOPEX software administration and functional support – leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Our consultants have one goal: give your employees the tools they need to succeed. They will enable you to optimize business outcomes and accelerate your time to value. We hire only the best engineers, and train them regularly on the state-of-the-art technology and methodologies behind our software.

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Benefit from our years of experience in:

  • Implementing HOPEX software with proven method and best practices
  • Integrating our solutions with your enterprise systems
  • Providing software administration and functional support
  • Setting up a MEGA services center
  • Transferring knowledge to project teams

“My job is to make sure that HOPEX software is successfully integrated into our customers’ IT systems and cultures. This also means meeting the demanding professional expectations that large corporations have for their transformation project support teams.”

Jérôme Noël, Director of Product Engineering, MEGA France Operations

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