Our Offering

Our Customer Success Managers will ensure not only that you are successfully achieving your business objectives using HOPEX solutions, but also that you progressively deliver more value to your users. They will help you proactively identify and prioritize new opportunities, and collaborate with you to improve your users’ appreciation of the solutions’ benefits. That includes ongoing reviews to make sure you maximize your usage of the platform with highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Throughout the process, you will be accompanied by a MEGA expert who will, among other things:

  • Establish the conditions for smooth onboarding by coordinating a discussion on the initial infrastructure requirements and following through all the way to scheduling the deployment meetings
  • Share best practices and specific recommendations to better optimize performance in line with product documentation and your R&D dept.’s information
  • Serve as the primary point of post-sale contact for MEGA-related activities
  • Help you with HOPEX implementation maintenance, such as updating to the latest version or migrating your software to another server
  • Communicate issues to Technical Support
  • Conduct regular operational reviews with you

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