HOPEX Explorer is a web application providing reports that can be easily accessed by a large number of users, and not just those with in-depth modeling expertise. It assigns information access rights to various user profiles and allows for easy navigation through the repository. Some user profiles can be given limited write access to objects in order to dynamically update the repository.

Key Features

Direct, Dynamic Access to the MEGA Repository

  • Specific menus for all aspects covered by HOPEX
  • Multi-repository and multi-environment access
  • Multi-language support: you can change the language with a single click
  • Dynamic queries: you can perform simple or advanced queries

User Profile Management

  • Pre-defined user roles with different views of the repository
  • Personalized roles can be created to cover specific cases
  • You can specify which dashboards should be available to which user roles with a simple drag and drop

Confidentiality and Access Rights Management

  • Confidentiality can be easily defined by a hierarchy or flat structure
  • Objects can be flagged as confidential, allowing their display to be configured: hidden, visible, or visible but not accessible

Dashboards and Analysis Reports

  • Advanced reporting capabilities let users generate analysis reports and display them in graphical or table form
  • Reporting options in HOPEX Explorer make it possible for users to build their own reports and save them as Word, Excel, or PDF files

HOPEX Explorer is a platform product.