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At MEGA, we aim to develop robust, lasting solutions that meet recognized industry standards. That’s why we play a proactive role in the international organizations that set the industry standards of the 21st century, and why we allocate a considerable amount of our R&D resources to these efforts.

Below are just a few of the standards-setting bodies we contribute to:

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ABICS 2.0 - Sistema In House is compliance software developed specifically for the finance industry. It’s the first finance industry-oriented platform that lets companies manage regulatory and legal requirements in an integrated manner, and identify the effects of these requirements on their business processes.
MEGA Italia is a partner in the Inter-operabilità ABICS 2.0 project that enables banks to transfer data to their IT systems so they can manage their compliance initiatives more efficiently. This project lets companies adopt a holistic approach to compliance thanks to a collaborative workspace and shared repository – making it easier for all stakeholders in compliance initiatives to play an active role.
MEGA Italia is also a member of the Compliance Community of the Associazione Bancaria Italiana (Italian Banking Association).
Italian Compliance Community's website


ABI Lab is the center for research and development of technologies for Banks supported by the Association Banks of Italy (ABI). It encourages the cooperation among banks, financial negotiators, technological partners and institutions.
The ABI Lab mission is to take out a measurable economic value from bank processes applied technologies. ABI Lab nominate itself as a supporting operative tool for the analysis of advantages derived from the use of technologies in bank processes.
Thanks to ABI LAb the Bank can make an autonomous and competitive purposed use of technologies with the aim of maximizing the performance of internal processes and creating new products and services for customers. ABI Lab works meets and confronts the skills of several banks and technological partners, with the purpose of creating new knowledge from the singular competences and know-how. With the support of partners ABI Lab can realize new analysis, models, experimentations and projects.
MEGA is an active member of ABILab since January 2006.

Italian website

AIIA - Associazione Italiana Internal Auditors

AIIA is the Italian branch of the Institute of Internal Auditors, which represents the internal audit profession around the world and promotes the development of standards, certification, research, and training in this field.

Italian website


AMRAE – Association pour le Management des Risques et des Assurances de l’Entreprise- is the French chapter of the FERMA – Federation of European Risk Management Associations – at the European level and the IFRIMA - The International Federation of Risk and Insurance Management Associations – at the international level.

The AMRAE aims to widen and raise the culture of Risk Management to the risk management and insurance community by developing and promoting innovative solutions and techniques and supporting risk managers in their profession.

French website


BPTrends is the primary source of business intelligence for the global community of business executives and process change practitioners focused on business process management. Industry thought leaders provide analysis and opinion on trends, directions and best practices relating to all aspects of business process change, including strategy, architecture, redesign, automation and human performance. BPTrends is the most comprehensive, in-depth business process information site devoted to educating and informing the market, urging managers to look at the full range of business process opportunities and solutions available.



C.E.S.A.M.E.S., the Center of Excellence on Systems Architecture, Management, Economics & Strategy, aims to promote methods of Systems Architecture to allow professionals to better control the speed and execution risk in their technology projects. Systems Architecture is a generic discipline – resulting from the convergence of different existing architectural traditions – which allows the building of solutions by apprehending the technical and human complexity induced by the integration of more and more numerous interconnected components.

C.E.S.A.M.E.S. organizes different activities to promote Systems Architecture: Thematic-evenings, workshops & debates for specialists, the international annual cycle of conferences CSD&M (Complex Systems Design & Management) in Paris,…

MEGA is a member of the steering committee of this association.

French website

Club des Pilotes de Processus

Founded in 2007, Club des Pilotes de Processus is a non-profit organization dedicated to business process improvement. The club is chaired by Michel Raquin, former chief of the organization of LCL, and gathers more than 150 members from all the major French companies of all sectors, private and public (Aéroports de Paris, Axa, France Telecom, MACIF, OCP, Renault, Yves Rocher, ...).

French website


Founded in 1965, IFACI – Institut Français de l’Audit et du Contrôle Internes – is the French chapter of the international association IIA – Institute of Internal Auditors.
IFACI gather 3500 auditors from 600 public and private industries. The French association aims to represent the internal auditing profession, promote its development and support internal auditors.
As part of the IIA, IFACI benefit from a worldwide network of 120 000 internal audit professionals in more than 160 countries.
MEGA is a member of IFACI since January 2008.

French website


The Institute of Internal Auditors - Belgium (IIA Belgium) is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the advancement and development of the internal audit profession in Belgium through promotion, trainings and events as conferences, seminars, round tables on various subjects, methods and techniques in internal auditing. Today IIA Belgium, affiliated to the Institute of Internal Auditors Global - USA, has over 1.550 members active in internal audit and from all sectors.



The IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) is the only internationally recognised and independent organisation dedicated to IT Service Management. It is a not-for-profit organisation, wholly owned, and principally operated, by its membership.

The itSMF is a major influence on, and contributor to, industry “best practice” and Standards worldwide, working in partnership with a wide range of governmental and standards bodies worldwide.

Formed in the UK in 1991, there are now national chapters in an ever-increasing number of countries.

MEGA is an active member of itSMF organization in several countries since 2005.


Object Management Group (OMG)

Since 1989, The Object Management Group has been "Setting The Standards For Distributed Computing" through its mission to promote the theory and practice of object technology for the development of distributed computing systems. Its goal is to provide a common architectural framework for object-oriented applications based on widely available interface specifications.

Within the OMG, MEGA is working within several areas. With regard to the Meta Object Facility (MOF), MEGA is acting as a reviewer of the specification for the purpose of making the MEGA Suite MOF compliant. In the area of IT Asset Management, MEGA is a co-submitter (with SUN, UBS and Adaptive) of a proposal to address the issues involved in mapping knowledge management for IT assets. Finally, MEGA is working within groups focusing on the mapping of UML and XML in order to ensure that a workable standard emerges.


OCEG Technology Council

OCEG is a nonprofit organization that uniquely helps organizations drive Principled Performance® by enhancing corporate culture and integrating governance, risk management, and compliance processes.
The OCEG Technology Council was formed to help address the strategic, operational and technical issues that professionals face when applying Information Technology (IT) to governance, risk, compliance (GRC) and ethics management. The OCEG Technology Council engages some of the world's leading GRC software, services and content providers and user organizations in the development of strategic and technical resources that help IT and Business professionals improve the practice of GRC within their organizations.
MEGA is a member of the OCEG Technology Council since January 2011.



Founded 18 April 1988, RIMAS, the Risk and Insurance management Association of Singapore, is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the discipline and practice of risk management. It is an Association member of IFRIMA, the International Federation of Risk and Insurance Management Associations, which gathers 23 organizations dedicated to the development of risk management in over 30 countries around the world.

Its training sessions, conferences and seminars facilitate the exchange and sharing of information, ideas and opinions between its members. Its mission is to update Singapore-based professionals on current practices related to risk and insurance management.

MEGA has been a member of AMRAE, the French chapter of IFRIMA, since January 2008, and a member of RIMAS since March 2010.


The Open Group

The Open Group is an international vendor and technology-neutral consortium that is committed to delivering greater business efficiency by bringing together buyers and suppliers of information technology to lower the time, cost and risk associated with integrating new technology across the enterprise.

With its proven certification methodology and conformance testing expertise, The Open Group is an international facilitator in delivering the interoperability that single organizations require to help ensure independence.

MEGA supports the OpenGroup "Boundaryless Information Flow" initiative and its underlying TOGAF methodology. MEGA Enterprise Architecture framework provides the best solution to implement the OpenGroup recommended approaches.