HOPEX DoDAF provides a repository-based tool for describing and documenting all DoDAF views addressing the complementary aspects of your architecture (overall, operational, system, and technical views). Based on a central repository, HOPEX DoDAF allows information tracking and traceability and provides complete impact analyses. It also performs validation checks to ensure consistency across models. The platform’s services include the sharing of information for reuse while ensuring data security through user profiles with different access rights. The solution can automatically generate more than 60 specific DoDAF reports.

HOPEX DoDAF complies with the defense architecture framework and draws on our +20 years of experience with enterprise architecture management and process optimization. It was developed to serve the needs of large system architecture descriptions.

Key Features

  • Standard and complete process and architecture models specifically adapted to the needs of DoDAF implementation
  • System breakdown into elementary services with all relevant links, so that you get a complete impact analysis
  • Links between elements ensure full traceability between different views, and validation checks ensure consistency across models
  • Easy-to-generate, high-quality deliverables, including 60+ standard reports and the ability to interactively create customized reports
  • Integrated with IBM Telelogic® DOORS® to allow for bi-directional synchronization between the two applications and ensure traceability with requirements

HOPEX DoDAF is integrated into HOPEX' s single platform. That means you get enhanced synergies for advancing your business and IT transformation, as well as a clear, common view of key information about your organization.