With HOPEX IT Architecture, you can build reference maps to describe, analyze, and manage IT systems, applications, and instrastructure during IT transformation. Our solution allows CIOs and IT managers to effectively govern the quality and evolution of their IT systems. Key stakeholders can validate IT investments and minimize development costs while increasing the quality of services delivered to the business.

HOPEX IT Architecture provides IS and IT architects with the means to:

  • Analyze the business value of IT assets using a city planning approach (functional architecture)
  • Depict the structure of IT assets (software and data components) and identify their dependencies (information flows)
  • Identify deployment requirements (technology & infrastructure)

Key Features

Functional Architecture Definitions

  • Define and assess the functional coverage of applications via out-of-the-box analysis reports (IT city plans)

Application Architecture

  • Create a detailed view of information exchange among applications, services, databases, and business units

Technical Architecture

  • Model complex systems to create maps of: the hardware and organizational resources required for system operation; interactions between components; the means of communication that support these interactions; and the services offered and used by the modeled architecture

HOPEX IT Architecture can be integrated into our HOPEX System Oriented IT Architecture solution, enabling you to represent, analyze, and document your IT and application architecture in line with a service-oriented architecture approach– while taking advantage of our HOPEX platform bringing together all our enterprise governance solutions.

HOPEX IT Architecture is integrated into HOPEX's single platform. That means you get enhanced synergies for advancing your business and IT transformation, as well as a clear, common view of key information about your organization.