Our HOPEX IT Portfolio Management solution makes it easy to streamline your IT assets, optimize costs, and improve flexibility. It uses a three-step methodology to help you take an inventory and perform a comprehensive assessment of your IT assets, and then develop any necessary transformation plans.

With HOPEX IT Portfolio Management, you can:

  • Reduce complexity and improve the visibility of your IT assets
  • Optimize costs and save on future investments
  • Transform your IT portfolio while anticipating business and technology risks
  • Support new business initiatives

Key Features

Inventory: Collecting data and setting up an IT asset repository

The inventory phase consists of:

  • Automating IT data imports
  • Building IT asset ID cards including ownership, functional scope, technology, lifecycle, risks, and costs
  • Breaking down IT assets by business line, business process, business capability, organizational unit, and technology vendor

Evaluation: Analyzing data and assessing your IT asset portfolio

The evaluation phase consists of:

  • Assessing your IT assets from multiple perspectives using out-of-the-box or custom reports
  • Breaking down costs by type (CAPEX & OPEX) and by category (labor, license, service, and infrastructure)
  • Streamlining system performance through reports on technology obsolescence, compliance levels, and vendor dependencies
  • Evaluating your IT assets by business value, functional support, and technical efficiency through the use of IT portfolio evaluation campaigns
  • Identifying the criticality of each application through usage analysis, downtime assessments, and user questionnaires

Transformation: Developing and comparing transformation scenarios

The transformation phase consists of:

  • Developing and comparing transformation scenarios based on criteria such as costs, risks, and strategic alignment
  • Assessing transformation scenarios using different types of chart including Gantt charts
  • Creating different scenarios about application and technology lifecycles, and measuring impacts on costs
  • Comparing the future state of your IT portfolio using transformation scenarios, then producing decision-ready, interactive reports

HOPEX IT Portfolio Management is integrated into MEGA’s single platform. That means you get enhanced synergies for advancing business and IT transformation, as well as a clear, shared view of key information about your organization.