BDNA Technopedia™ is integrated into HOPEX IT Portfolio Management to give you complete, up-to-date technology lifecycle information that is sent directly into the MEGA repository, so you can easily manage technology obsolescence and vendor support changes.

Key Features

BDNA Technopedia™ makes IT portfolio management faster and easier by providing consistent, accurate information about IT assets. Technopedia™ is the world’s largest, most comprehensive repository of market intelligence on enterprise software and hardware. This constantly-updated library tracks more than 1.2 million products from nearly 22,000 suppliers, with over 2,000 daily updates to ensure data fidelity.

Available via subscription, and directly integrated into MEGA's HOPEX IT Portfolio Management solution through a web connector, Technopedia™ gives you a categorized, structured catalog with attributes such as product lifecycles, end-of-life, and more.


This integrated feature creates a basis for reliable, consistent data that can be used to support effective decision-making about IT portfolio upgrades. Updated information from BDNA Technopedia™ is tied directly to the software technology portfolio saved in IT Portfolio Management for tracking lifecycles and end-of-life products. Additionally, since the program automatically updates software technology lifecycles, you can spend more time on strategic portfolio management tasks such as assessing your IT assets and planning the transformation of your IT landscape.