HOPEX UML — fully UML 2.3 compliant – provides detailed application specifications and supports UML 2 diagramming and concepts. End-to-end system specifications that support both IT and business operations can be easily integrated into your organization’s enterprise architecture.

Key Features


  • Fully integrate the UML 2.3 standard into all HOPEX solutions
  • Support all static and behavioral UML diagrams
  • Easily export XMI 2.3 and XSD files
  • Includes a class editor and mapping editor package

Requirement capture

  • Project requirements, constraints, and categorization
  • Objective and requirement design

Functional analyses

  • Use case diagrams
  • System process design*
  • Data models
  • State diagrams

System design

HOPEX UML is integrated into HOPEX’s single platform. That means you get enhanced synergies for advancing your business and IT transformation, as well as a clear, common view of key information about your organization.