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MEGA Control and Risk

With MEGA Control and Risk, you can describe risks, controls and regulatory compliance requirements and relate them to your business and IT architectures.

MEGA Control and Risk Overview

MEGA Control and Risk provides capacity to organize internal control systems that manage regulation requirements, and document their oversight, for full traceability of compliance plan and responsibilities. Associated with the other MEGA Modeling tools, MEGA Control and Risk provides a global vision of operational risks and control systems and how they impact business processes and IT operations. The product offers reports and dashboards to provide a clear understanding of operational risks, duplicated controls and areas for improvement.

Main Features

Risk Mapping

Risk definitions and classifications with a graphical model depicts the risk management environment, including risks and their impacts on processes, operations, application, servers, sites, etc., and associated controls.

Control Mapping

A classification of control types according to multiple frameworks is provided, with the objectives associated with the 4 COSO criteria (strategic, operational, reporting, compliance).

Control Environment Management

Descriptions of regulation frameworks in terms of requirements, risk factors, risk types, and controls, so that they can be linked to business and enterprise architecture elements for traceability and impact analysis.


Fully customizable document templates for control systems, controls, and risks are available.


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