Using Enterprise Architecture to Innovate, Simplify and Digitize the Organization

Webcast with Michael Fulton, Shared Services Platform Architect at Procter & Gamble 

Using Enterprise Architecture to Innovate, Simplify and Digitize the OrganizationFind out how P&G’s Global Business Services (GBS) organization is using MEGA to innovate, simplify, and digitize the company’s operations to help drive business transformation.

Topics covered:

  • How P&G improved transparency and better aligned business and IT
  • How architecture contributes to the company’s business agility
  • How P&G succeeded in cutting costs while improving the value of its IT investments 
  • How P&G extracted IT information out of its enterprise architecture data and communicated this information to key stakeholders to gain management support
  • How P&G leveraged enterprise architecture to drive innovation in the organization

Read the case study titled “Procter & Gamble Transforms Business Operations using the MEGA Suite” for more details on this business and enterprise architecture initiative. 

About Procter & Gamble

  • $82.6 billion in revenues in 2010
  • 80 countries
  • P&G brands serving 4.4 billion people
  • #22 in the Fortune 500
  • #6 in Fortune’s Global Most Admired Companies list
  • #12 in BusinessWeek’s World’s Most Innovative Companies list

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