5 Levels of Enterprise Architecture Maturity: Where do you stand?

"A 'mature' organization has fully developed its operating model to be successful in delivering its business outcomes." – Gartner

A mature enterprise architecture practice doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time to develop strategic methodologies to execute, measure and set benchmarks for continuous improvement. Gartner has seen that “it often takes 18 months to two years to get the EA practice up and running, and another one to two years after that to develop and refine it.” During this build up, a guide is needed to help determine the organization’s current state of EA maturity and the necessary next steps to take to move forward. Gartner has designed the ITScore for EA and Technology Innovation to help in this effort.

In their analysis, Gartner defines five levels of maturity and identifies eight dimensions that support the maturity model. Do you know where your organization currently stands in terms of its maturity?

In this newsletter, you will explore:

  • Assessing your current state using Gartner's "ITScore for Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation" maturity model
  • Steps to determine your next move when identifying opportunities for improvement and shaping a development roadmap for the EA practice
  • How to evolve your EA maturity level to manage effective business change and improvements in strategic alignment



5 Levels of Enterprise Architecture Maturity: Where do you stand?