Banque Accord restores IT agility with MEGA

Topics Covered:

This IT renovation project has an important organizational component that includes four main areas:

  • An enterprise architecture approach to the IT system,
  • A project management method,
  • A policy of quality and continuous improvement,
  • A new methodology framework for designing and developing the applications implemented through a cross-functional project (named the Descartes project, an allusion to the Discourse on the Method by Rene Descartes).

“Before, there were many of us doing the same thing, but differently. Tomorrow, there will be many of us who can do the same thing, but we will all work according to the common architecture framework and everything will be done just once.” Philippe Eymond, Responsable du Service Urbanisation, Architecture et Méthode.

About Banque Accord

Banque Accord, the financial subsidiary of the Auchan group, offers products and services in three main areas:

  • Issuance and management of credit/debit cards,
  • Financial and non-financial services,
  • Management of electronic banking for partners

The range of offerings varies by the Group’s different companies and brands in many different countries. More than 6.4 million customers currently use Banque Accord’s financial services.

Banque Accord restores IT agility with MEGARead The Case Study