MEGA Byte #13: Innovating the Borderless Enterprise

The digital foundation of IT – mobile, social, cloud, and big data – is no longer what a company is striving for. It is now the assumption in which strategy, capabilities, risk management, and innovation is built upon. A borderless enterprise stretches the boundaries of an operating model and makes it more fluid and adaptable to expected and unexpected changes. 

This MEGA Byte will cover:

  • Incorporating executive strategy into IT to become a more scalable, secure, capable, and accountable organization
  • Working to establish an interconnected ecosystem of information - using methods such as crowd sourcing - to help promote collaboration and partnership between lines of business
  • Creating the culture of “yes” – the answer is no longer “no, you can’t do that” – it’s “what will it take to meet your objective and how can it be done?”

What is a MEGA Byte?

A MEGA Byte is a mini webinar for professionals on-the-go. Each 20-minute mini webinar, held frequently throughout the year, is part of a video series designed to cover topics that matter to you.

MEGA Byte #13: Innovating the Borderless Enterprise