MEGA Byte #7: Architecting Business Rules & Requirements for Decision Support

Business rules and requirements are constantly evolving. How can you maintain a natural language for your business rules, while still ensuring that reengineering business processes will not impact ongoing operations? How are you managing the growing complexity associated with managing business rules and requirements so that productivity is not lost and costs do not spiral out of control?

This MEGA Byte will cover:

  • Capturing the natural language of business rules and creating a common business vocabulary to facilitate collaboration
  • Applying business rules across business processes to understand the impact of change to the operating model
  • Identifying and mapping requirements to business processes to create traceability

What is a MEGA Byte?

A MEGA Byte is a 20-minute mini webinar for professionals on-the-go. Each mini webinar, held at the end of every month, is part of a video series designed to cover topics that matter to you.

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MEGA Byte #7: Architecting Business Rules & Requirements for Decision Support