MEGA Byte #8: Streamlining Process Management Using Process Frameworks

Integrating processes across the organization can often lead to unnecessary complexity if managed in silos. How are you making sure that data from different lines of business and various projects is being incorporated into your operating model appropriately?

This MEGA Byte will cover:

  • Understanding what the right level of detail and decomposition for process models is so that resource allocation is optimized
  • Using process frameworks as a method for starting, benchmarking, or validating process models to create a common language
  • Measuring process performance using the APQC Process Classification Framework (PCF) as a foundation for consistent analyses and better informed decision making

What is a MEGA Byte?

A MEGA Byte is a 20-minute mini webinar for professionals on-the-go. Each mini webinar, held at the end of every month, is part of a video series designed to cover topics that matter to you.

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MEGA Byte #8: Streamlining Process Management Using Process Frameworks