What if You Could Boost Innovation by Reducing IT Costs?

In the digital era, many IT departments in large companies have accumulated IT assets over the years without a planned roadmap. Consequently, IT costs have skyrocketed and IT departments are lacking the flexibility to embrace new initiatives - with the business getting much more complex and demanding. To top it off, the exposure to risks has never been greater, from those tied to software code to technology obsolescence.

Get ready to boost innovation while mitigating risks, reducing complexity and IT costs.

This webcast offers insight on how MEGA and our partner, CAST Highlight, can help you tackle the challenges of digital transformation:

  • Streamline your IT portfolio to reduce IT related costs
  • Drive your IT transformation by regaining control of your application landscape
  • Provide objective insights to rationalize your application portfolio while mitigating software risks
  • Understand the health of your portfolio and its readiness to migrate to the Cloud

Jean-Patrick Ascenci - Senior Solution Specialist - ‎CAST Highlight
Kevin Costa - Pre-Sales Manager - MEGA International

What if You Could Boost Innovation by Reducing IT Costs?