Your Challenges

The fast pace of regulatory change makes it hard for compliance officers to ensure that operations are aligned with compliance requirements on privacy, financial communications, social and environmental issues, and more. Balancing compliance risk management with your company’s strategy and operations is essential for mitigating the risk of compliance failure.

Obstacles to effective regulatory compliance include:

  • A lack of real-time information gathering to identify and analyze regulatory requirements and risks
  • Uncoordinated regulatory change management processes
  • An absence of change monitoring and impact analyses
  • A lack of accountability and transparency across regulated areas
  • High costs from disjointed compliance efforts
Our Solutions

MEGA solutions give you predefined processes and functions to identify, implement, and monitor regulations – and the associated risks and internal controls – giving you an effective foundation for managing compliance risks.

Our solutions are integrated into a unique platform, providing visibility into your organization’s risk and compliance efforts through a common framework that supports company-wide awareness and accountability.

By sharing action plans and creating powerful synergies among compliance, risk management, internal control, and internal audit activities, you’ll be better positioned to manage regulatory change, reduce compliance risks, and cut costs.

Set up a regulatory governance system

Our solutions help you establish an effective regulatory governance system where all information about regulations and internal standards – including their connections to business processes, risks, and internal controls – is centralized within a shared repository. They automatically generate reports with drill-down capabilities that make it easier to determine existing compliance levels and update and prioritize action plans based on regulations’ risk levels.

You can set up a regulatory governance system in three phases:

  • Analyze: Specify and describe the applicable regulations and internal standards
  • Implement: Distribute information about regulatory requirements and internal standards to stakeholders, assess the likelihood of compliance risks, and determine the effectiveness of compliance controls
  • Monitor: Keep a constant watch on new regulations and the ensuing impacts on your business

Promote and strengthen risk-based compliance awareness

Our solutions create a collaborative workspace and shared repository that encourage all stakeholders to play an active role in compliance management. Assessment questionnaires on risks and internal controls are sent through a workflow to business process managers and operational staff to evaluate your team’s understanding and awareness about regulations and standards, and to check compliance levels.

Reduce compliance-related costs

With our solutions, you can automate repetitive tasks and eliminate redundant ones, thus reducing your team’s workload. Also, stakeholders can better focus their compliance efforts on the most sensitive issues when key risks and internal controls are identified and documented.

Previously disparate and/or conflicting information becomes consistent and continuously up-to-date, and available to your entire team based on user access rights – which serves to cut the cost of your compliance programs.