Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture practices have evolved over the past few years to better support decision-making based on actionable deliverables. With the 360° view of your organization provided by our EA solutions, you can increase your business value – resulting in greater agility and reactivity at the lowest possible cost.

At MEGA, we give businesses the tools they need to obtain a comprehensive overview of their organization, and help them design and implement agile IT systems, streamlined business processes, and optimized operating frameworks aligned with their business strategies. Executives can foresee the impact of their decisions and plan the right actions at the right time to manage business transformation.

Our enterprise architecture solutions consolidate several different views of your organization so you can respond more quickly and deliver greater value to your businesses. The strategy and business organization views shed light on your ability to execute. The information view is essential for understanding how workflows and dependencies should be adapted both inside and outside your organization. The IT view indicates how your information system should change to meet business needs. And the risk and control view lets you factor in your company’s risk appetite and investment capacity.

With our enterprise architecture solutions powered by HOPEX, our signature platform, your enterprise architecture practitioners and business stakeholders can ensure that IT governance is a proactive component of your overall enterprise governance – which is critical at times of business model disruptions.

Our enterprise architecture solutions − lauded by industry analysts around the world – use a proven methodology based on standards, enterprise architecture frameworks, and best practices set forth by industry organizations and standard-setting bodies. They leverage our extensive experience helping customers carry out successful enterprise architecture programs.

Learn more about how our enterprise architecture solutions can help you deliver value and transform your business at minimal risk and cost.

Our business architecture solution lets you describe, understand, and optimize your organizational structure, business processes, and assets, enabling you to:

  • Align business operations with your corporate strategy
  • Track strategy implementation through capabilities
  • Effectively govern organizational transformation

Our information architecture solution lets you architect enterprise information and assess and monitor its consistency, enabling you to:

  • Understand and communicate your enterprise information model
  • Ensure data consistency and quality throughout your organization’s process execution
  • Make better informed decisions backed by timely, accurate, and relevant information

Our IT architecture solution lets you describe, structure, and optimize your information system architecture, enabling your organization to:

  • Obtain a comprehensive understanding of your IT assets
  • Set up effective IT governance principles
  • Develop a target IT architecture and plan the necessary transformation

Our application blueprint solution lets you identify business needs, translate them into IT requirements, and automate the production of the corresponding application specifications, enabling your organization to:

  • Ensure that you have an accurate representation and documentation of your application architecture
  • Seamlessly integrate your application assets and SAP solutions into your existing IT architecture
  • Cut development costs and boost the productivity of IT system design projects

Our IT portfolio management solution helps you identify which IT assets are used in your organization, and understand the business outcomes and impact of each asset in order to:

  • Simplify and lower the cost of your IT system
  • Better manage risks and ensure information system compliance
  • Tailor your application and technology portfolio to your business challenges