Your Challenges

Companies try to strike the right balance between risk exposure and business profitability, while ensuring that they comply with complicated and rapidly-changing regulations. That requires overcoming several challenges that stem from regulatory obligations, the risk of internal and external fraud, performance objectives, and ongoing organizational change.

Specific challenges for internal control departments, which sit right in the middle of the “three lines of defense” model for risk management, include:

  • Extended delays between when risk and compliance assessment results are received and when corrective actions can be taken
  • Impaired efficiency due to the decentralization of controls across the organization
  • The difficulty of achieving “control once, comply with many,” while still avoiding excessive controls
Our Solutions

MEGA solutions help you reduce risk exposure, ensure regulatory compliance, and measure and improve your business performance by providing tools to identify, implement, assess, and monitor internal control frameworks.

Our solutions, integrated into a unique platform, help you identify major risks, improve your control processes, and balance compliance with performance.

Based on best practices outlined in international standards such as COSO, COBIT, and ISO, our solutions cover all phases of internal control. They help you boost business performance by establishing a superior risk management program to protect against the harmful effects of unidentified or uncontrolled risks.

Reduce risk exposure

With our solutions, you can stay aware of your company’s risk exposure at all times by strengthening the links between risk management and controls at every level.

Our solutions automate control assessment and testing campaigns through questionnaires, alerts, and reminders. They allow for the continuous monitoring and self-assessment of internal controls, so you can understand your organization’s risk exposure in real-time.

Moreover, our centralized, shared repository of information about risks and controls improves risk awareness among business users – especially in terms of their roles and responsibilities in risk management.

When risk levels cross pre-set thresholds, our system immediately triggers an alert so you can start implementing pre-defined action plans without delay.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Because our solutions provide a centralized repository, the assessments and tests carried out on each internal control, along with the relevant supporting documentation, can be stored and accessed quickly. If problems are detected, such as breaches or weaknesses in controls, our system instantly sends an alert so that an investigation can begin immediately.

Measure and improve business process performance

Our solutions offer many different types of reports, dashboards, and scoring tools, so that data from assessments and self-assessments can be consolidated into easy-to-use formats. This helps you measure and track the performance of the business processes associated with a given set of internal controls, so you can pinpoint ways to make those processes more efficient.