Your Challenges

Companies that don’t keep ahead of the competition are usually the ones that have not leveraged IT as a crucial asset for underpinning business agility. If you allocate only enough resources to keep your current systems running, there’s little scope for supporting new business initiatives.

Today’s CIOs face challenges on several fronts:

  • IT budgets are being consumed by maintenance and licensing costs
  • Costly redundancies are being created by fast-changing and isolated business demands as well as legacy systems from previous mergers, acquisitions, and restructurings
  • The high complexity of IT systems hinders visibility into IT resources and the business operations they support

Without a clear view of all of your company’s IT assets, you could be stuck in maintenance mode forever – and you won’t be able to allocate adequate funding to innovation and consequently seize new business opportunities.

Our Solutions

MEGA solutions allow you to inventory, assess, and simplify your IT assets to eliminate technology obsolescence and costly redundancies. With our solutions, you get a clear understanding of the business value of each IT asset and how it supports your strategic objectives.

Built on MEGA’s unique platform, our solutions combine business architecture with IT portfolio management, enabling you to devote more resources to innovation and boost business agility.

By building and evaluating multiple IT transformation scenarios, you can select the best opportunities to optimize your IT landscape and cut costs.

Define, describe, and communicate your organizational structure, business strategy, and enterprise transformation roadmap

Our solutions help you outline the ideal business architecture for governing your organization’s transformation. With our solutions, you can assess elements of your target business processes, organizational structure, and planned projects to make sure they support your business goals. You’ll also gain insight into the potential impacts of key risks.

That means you’ll be able to clearly identify the most strategic business initiatives for your company and invest in IT resources that support your transformation program.

Build a complete inventory of your IT assets

Our solutions will help you automate the collection, recording, and updating of information about your applications and technologies and store it in a central, shared repository.

With this information, you’ll get a clear understanding of the business value of each IT asset. You’ll be able to identify which IT asset each business process depends on, what can happen when either a process or a resource is modified, and how the entire IT portfolio supports your strategic business objectives.

Dashboards and standard or custom reports give you a structured, easy-to-understand view of your application and technology portfolio with data flows, life cycles, risks, costs, functional coverage, performance, and business process associations.

Compare IT transformation scenarios to support strategic business initiatives

With our solutions, you can outline several change scenarios such as extending, replacing, or retiring applications or technologies. Then you can assess and compare these scenarios along various criteria, such as business benefits, costs, risks, and technical or operational performance – and identify the best opportunities for optimizing your IT landscape.

Throughout this process, you’ll identify technology redundancies and inefficiencies, and develop a roadmap for consolidating your assets and improving your IT portfolio. That will let you devote more resources to innovation, thereby boosting business agility.