Your Challenges

IT assets are increasingly being placed in vulnerable positions through exposure to events and practices that create risk. If your company doesn’t have a proven way to recognize and manage IT risks, the costs can be quite high.

Many unidentified and unmanaged IT risks arise from:

  • Highly distributed IT systems and policies
  • Siloed and out-of-date risk information
  • Company growth and business realignment that produces constantly changing IT infrastructure
  • Endless changes in multiple, complicated government regulations
  • Outsourcing of critical business and support processes

Often IT departments, IT risk managers, and data security managers have different and disconnected information about the level of exposure to IT risks and the extent of the threats to their companies.

Without a comprehensive, automated approach that links information about a company’s processes, resources, and risks, it’s difficult to adequately identify and control IT risks.

Our Solutions

MEGA solutions help you recognize and manage the business impacts of risks to your IT assets by enabling you to detect threats and vulnerabilities. They offer proven methods based on industry best practices to develop an IT governance program and control risks according to your company’s risk tolerance.

Our solutions are integrated into a unique platform that helps you detect, mitigate, and control IT risks, reduce risk exposure, and ensure that your IT systems fully support your regulatory compliance efforts.

By automating, standardizing, and coordinating the identification, analysis, and reporting of risks, you’ll be able to balance risk management efforts with your business objectives, and your compliance efforts with regulatory requirements.

Get an in-depth analysis of the effects of change and risks on your IT assets

MEGA solutions help you capture and analyze information about your company’s IT risk exposure. They let you automate the collection of risk information, the categorization and evaluation of risks and threats, and the updating of a central risk library when changes occur.

When you combine this information with knowledge about your organization’s business architecture and IT architecture, you can measure risks, spot vulnerabilities, and fully understand the potential business impacts of poorly managed risks.

Along with helping you pinpoint critical IT assets that need protection, this consolidated, comprehensive view of your IT risks will let you implement control processes and risk treatment plans that match your organization’s objectives and capabilities.

Develop an action plan to ensure regulatory compliance

Continuous changes in complicated regulatory requirements present unique challenges. With MEGA solutions, you gain a better understanding of your regulatory environment through access to continually updated libraries of regulations. You can identify and monitor regulations that apply to your company and determine the compliance level of your business units.

Our solutions make it possible to automate the evaluation and rationalization of your company’s IT portfolio, so that you have the right IT resources in place to support regulatory compliance.

All the information on regulations, IT resources, and your company architecture are united in a central, up-to-date risk database, meaning you’ll be able to quickly develop, implement, and update your compliance plan to meet changing regulations.

Understand the risks that IT vendors may create, and develop a vendor risk management plan

Some regulatory agencies hold companies responsible for the actions of their vendors, so it’s vital for you to understand the risks that these suppliers may create – before you agree to do business with them.

MEGA solutions let you build a comprehensive inventory of the potential financial or operational risks that could result from doing business with IT suppliers. These risks may involve customer data security, privacy issues, misrepresentation of your company, data entry inaccuracies, reporting errors, and other potentially harmful threats.

Collecting and maintaining consistent, accurate supplier data is easy with the vendor questionnaires developed and distributed using MEGA solutions. Your vendors’ responses will help you determine which suppliers present the greatest risks. Our solutions also enable you to centralize information on suppliers and keep it updated, so that business units understand the risks of choosing certain vendors.