Your Challenges

Today’s complicated organizations often find themselves burdened with inefficiencies and higher costs because they have built a wall between initiatives to optimize resources and those to improve risk management.

When this is coupled with the rapid pace of business change and highly complex value chains, organizations quickly face a serious lack of operational efficiency.

  • Resource optimization becomes more difficult with separate processes and systems, because information is not centralized or shared
  • Risk and control policies are too far removed from operational governance and not always taken into account in other optimization efforts
  • A “top-down” approach is less effective in gaining buy-in for risk management policies
  • Organizational complexity increases with siloed departments
Our Solutions

MEGA solutions help you develop an integrated approach to risk management and business optimization, allowing you to implement the right operational governance policies that balance internal controls with business objectives.

Our solutions, built on a unique platform, help you describe and analyze the key risks associated with your business processes, reduce operational risk exposure, and implement efficient controls.

By creating a collaborative workspace and shared repository of information on risks and processes, you’ll have the means to continuously review the efficiency of your processes and risk exposure, and how they contribute to your business goals and move the company forward.

Describe and analyze your organization and its operational processes

Our solutions enable you to document and model your organizational, business, and operational processes and organizational charts, to give you a clear picture of your entire enterprise. They also help you describe and map all of your IT assets to show how they support operational processes.

You can track responsibilities within processes using a responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed (RACI) matrix for systems and processes at all levels to show who has responsibility for tasks in projects or processes. Our solutions then help you review the relationships among organizational units, applications, and processes, so you can quickly update and improve governance policies as your business changes.

Reduce operational risk exposure and implement efficient controls

Companies are constantly seeking new ways to identify, assess, and evaluate risk exposure in real time, so they can be sure of having the latest information on their operational processes and IT systems. At MEGA, we fully support this effort with our powerful solutions that help you set up the appropriate operational controls and monitor efficiency over time.

Our solutions let you set risk tolerance limits and trigger audits on operations. They also provide the tools you need to assess the operational risks related to business processes and operations. You can then develop effective action plans for anticipating and preventing risk incidents that could harm your company.

Ensure regulatory compliance within operational processes

Compliance departments are tasked with ensuring organizational compliance with both company policies and government regulations. And the most successful companies are those that have designed their compliance programs with a clear picture of how they relate to company processes.

MEGA solutions can help you establish a governance system that links business and operational processes with compliance efforts. With a collaborative workspace and assessment questionnaires, they also make it easy to promote and strengthen awareness about risk-based operational compliance.  That will aid in reducing compliance-related costs for your company.