Your Challenges

In today’s highly-complex business environment, there is a greater likelihood that your company will be exposed to serious incidents that could affect its ability to operate. Organizations that fail to manage operational risks and maintain a high level of resilience are often the first to go out of business.

The challenges to business continuity include:

  • Incorrect assumptions in formulating business continuity and disaster recovery plans
  • A lack of understanding of business-critical processes and dependencies
  • Inappropriate approaches to executing business continuity processes and recovery strategies and to documenting plans and procedures
  • Risks stemming from non-compliance with business continuity regulations

Too many organizations fail to set up and test robust continuity structures, especially as regulations become increasingly strict.

Our Solutions

MEGA solutions help you anticipate and plan for unexpected events and build up your business resilience. They provide frameworks and tools to analyze your vulnerabilities, automate your processes, and manage the effectiveness of your business continuity plans. Our solutions help you make consistent productivity gains and focus on the most critical tasks.

Our solutions are web-based and user-friendly for both frequent and occasional users. And our advanced technology lets key users generate and share their own management reports, tailored specifically for their executive team.

Map your existing organization and analyze business impacts

With our solutions, you can map all your business and operational processes and describe all your IT assets (such as applications, servers, hardware, and server rooms). The graphical view of this key information makes it easy to perform business impact analyses and to identify critical functions and interactions.

Our solutions can also help you set up the right indicators and targets for maximum acceptable downtimes, and identify threats and vulnerabilities based on those targets.

Develop, document, and share business continuity plans

Process mapping is essential for developing adequate, detailed recovery plans, and for identifying the appropriate users and tools needed to execute and test those plans when needed. Inputs based on business impact analyses will help you prioritize your operational risks and actions – and determine which are the critical assets to recover. And since communication is key in crisis situations, you will be able to back up all your plans with the adequate documents and workflows so they can be easily validated and shared.

Test and monitor business continuity plan efficiency

Testing and preparation is key to swift execution the day a crisis hits your business. That’s why our solutions streamline this process with reviews and analysis tools that help improve the performance and manage the deficiencies of your business continuity plans. Specified users can establish key indicators and customizable reports to monitor BCP efficiency over time.