Your Challenges

In this digital age, your IT systems may be holding your company back rather than moving it forward.

Many enterprises are burdened with inefficient IT systems that have grown haphazardly over the years without a planned roadmap. The resulting complexity and lack of visibility into the full extent of your IT resources result in:

  • An inability to rapidly deploy new applications to effectively support changing business needs
  • Poor understanding of the business value of all IT assets and when to retire or replace them
  • High maintenance costs due to redundant IT resources and technology obsolescence

You may not know where to begin tackling these problems if you don’t have precise knowledge about which IT assets serve which business functions. And if you lack a strong foundation for innovation and transformation programs, you’ll eventually face diminished company agility and rising IT costs.

Our Solutions

MEGA solutions help you build a comprehensive inventory of your IT portfolio and assess your portfolio along several criteria. They give you a clear picture of your IT assets and the business value of each one, so that you can identify redundant applications, the most business-critical technology, and the most expensive resources.

Because our solutions integrate external libraries such as software product lifecycles, they can help you understand which applications and technologies are obsolete – and better plan the transformation of your IT portfolio.

With this information, you’ll be better positioned to streamline your IT portfolio, overcome technology obsolescence, and boost agility for your company to pursue new business opportunities.

Get a clear picture of your IT landscape through IT portfolio inventory and assessment

MEGA solutions give you a detailed inventory of all IT portfolio assets, including applications, data flows, and infrastructure – meaning you get a comprehensive view of your IT landscape. You’ll have a much clearer picture of the business value, processes, and functional coverage of applications, redundancies, costs, and risks associated with your IT assets.

You’ll be able to see, through dashboards and reports, how each application supports your business processes. And our solutions’ collaborative approach and personalized interfaces for each user profile provides accurate, relevant information to IT and business managers.

Assess IT resources using multiple criteria relevant to your organization

By evaluating your IT assets along multiple perspectives and criteria, you can make well-informed decisions to streamline your IT portfolio.

For example, you can accurately measure the business relevance of legacy IT assets and consolidate the results into a single report to help you decide whether to keep or replace them. You will know if it’ better to outsource certain assets that may have become too costly to maintain, but still support key business processes.

MEGA solutions also help business line managers become more accountable for their use of IT resources by better understanding the value vs. cost of their applications.

Understand technology lifecycles to anticipate costs due to obsolescence

With our solutions, you get a clear view of the lifecycle of software technology components, so you can anticipate the cost of transforming your IT portfolio.

Our solutions enhance the entire process of managing technology obsolescence. By incorporating technologies’ end-of-life into transformation plans, you can avoid unexpected costs when replacing obsolete technology components.

Additionally, our solutions automatically detect conflicts related to obsolescence, helping you quickly spot business applications that require attention and action.