Your Challenges

Increasing business complexity requires a deeper understanding of the moving parts of your organization: how its processes, resources, IT assets, and risks are interconnected and affect each other. Business and IT executives who are trying to achieve long-term sustainable performance can’t afford to sift through mountains of disconnected information to make important decisions.   

Without a comprehensive enterprise blueprint and well-informed deliverables, companies find it difficult to:

  • Improve time-to-market for new products and services
  • Eliminate mismatches between organizational or IT constraints and the customer experience
  • Balance risks with the enterprise’s risk tolerance
  • Make sound decisions and changes quickly
Our Solutions

MEGA’s solutions help you understand and transform your business by giving you tools to gather, document, and assess information about goals, strategies, business processes, company resources, IT assets, and risks.

Our solutions combine business analysis with IT architecture and risk management capabilities, creating an indispensable baseline for change and transformation decisions. Depending on your role, you can easily access and navigate blueprints, documents, and information about your company’s goals, strategies, processes, resources, IT assets, and risks, as well as key transformation scenarios, assessment reports, and dashboards.

Equipped with this “single source of truth,” you can drive innovation and collaboration, assess change scenarios to provide executives with decision-ready information, and find fresh ways to seize new business opportunities.

Create a clear picture of your business to understand how it works

Our solutions help you document, map, and assess your business organization, describe your IT system and assets, and map risks based on the business context. By using our solutions, you can identify dependencies between all elements to understand how they are interconnected and affect each other.  

With information stored in a central, shared repository that can be easily updated and accessible to all decision makers, you’ll have a complete and consolidated view of the key components of your organization. You’ll be able to see which IT resource every business process depends on, and what can happen when either a process or resource is modified.

Share the enterprise blueprint to increase collaboration and speed decision making

By giving all stakeholders a shared, consolidated, and easy-to-understand view of all key elements of your business, our solutions enhance collaboration among and across teams, departments, and divisions. Stakeholders can access the information and request changes or corrections through a web- and role-based user interface suited to their specific needs. Automated workflows regularly send out requests for updates or validations to make sure that the information is continuously up-to-date, and gives you the most accurate view of your organization.

The comprehensive nature of the information in our solutions – coupled with the ability to share that information and collaborate easily with colleagues – can help managers improve day-to-day decisions and consequently boost business performance.

Analyze the effects of various change scenarios to maximize performance

Our software’s analysis capabilities help you pinpoint the relationships between all elements of your enterprise blueprint and identify areas for improvement. The analysis will show ways to optimize IT assets so that financial resources are available to support new strategic business initiatives.

With an enterprise-wide baseline of information, you can build and assess simple or complex change scenarios to predict the effects of change before it happens.

Our solutions also provide automated tools to calculate the risk exposures that could result from changes. You can identify new risks, build controls, and assess compliance with your company’s risk policies to reduce any impact on performance.

With your enterprise blueprint, you have coherent, reliable information that is consolidated into a single, shared repository. You can use dashboards and reporting features to help you make decisions about change and risk.