Through our MEGA University, we train customers, business partners, and employees on our approach and methodology, as well as the most effective ways to use our HOPEX software.

Our training programs are divided into three broad categories based on the roles, needs, and levels of expertise of different types of participants:
  • Mandatory training for all new MEGA employees, so they can quickly master our HOPEX software  and obtain the necessary know-how. This training is offered in different versions according to the type of job position at MEGA: business consultant, product engineer, pre-sales engineer, or sales & marketing staff.
  • Ongoing training given to all our employees and distribution partners, so they can continually develop their skills and proficiency.
  • Private and public company training designed to teach customers about our approach and methodology as well as the most effective ways to use our software.

Experienced MEGA consultants facilitate all the training courses offered through MEGA University. The training is designed not only to transfer knowledge, but also to encourage discussion about new ideas and share prior experience – both with the consultant facilitating the course and among participants.



“When deploying a new software solution, training is often key to your success. If the learning curve is too steep, users will quickly abandon the software and your project will be in danger. MEGA University is here to help get your staff up to speed on our HOPEX Solutions quickly.”  
Mark Finneran, MEGA University Program Manager