At MEGA, we value our business partners and the important role they play in supporting our development and enabling us to offer targeted responses to customer needs. We team up with Consulting & Services Partners that develop targeted responses to your business challenges and implement our solutions. To leverage the latest technological advancements and offer the best end-to-end solutions, we are always on the lookout for new Technology Partners. Our Distribution Partners sell our software around the world and provide personalized consulting and support services. We also help prepare tomorrow's professionals with our MEGA Education Program.

Learn more about our partner network in the following sections.

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Consulting & Services Partners

Our Consulting & Services Partners capitalize on their extensive expertise in digital transformation, IT strategy delivery, and corporate governance. With comprehensive industry and business knowledge, our Partners can help you build and implement solutions that best fit your strategic needs, enabling business and IT transformation and driving more innovation and efficiency in your core processes.

Technology Partners

Our Technology Partners help us leverage the latest technological advancements to stay at the forefront of this fast-paced market. Our customers can be sure that their HOPEX solutions use state-of-the-art technology and contain advanced and certified functionalities. Our technology partnerships also let us integrate other applications into our solutions, so as to incorporate complete, up-to-date technology lifecycle information directly into the HOPEX repository.

Distribution Partners

Our Distribution Partners sell MEGA software around the world and provide valuable consulting and support services – giving us a global presence with a local feel. These Partners draw on their solid knowledge of local markets and in-depth understanding of customer needs to deliver targeted know-how and expertise.

MEGA Education Program

The MEGA Education Program is designed specifically for universities and research facilities. The aim is to prepare tomorrow’s professionals for using enterprise architecture and modeling tools to address their future business challenges. We offer teachers and researchers complete access to our software for academic use in a wide range of fields: business transformation, business process optimization, business architecture, business and IT alignment, IT rationalization, IT architecture, application and system design and IT transformation.

By taking part in our Education Program, you will receive:

  • Eleven of our most powerful applications
  • An unlimited number of licenses
  • Access to MEGA Support & Community
  • A full set of user guides
  • Training courses for teachers (depending on your country)

Note: Education licenses can be used only for teaching and academic research purposes. Business use of the licenses is not authorized.

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