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HOPEX Release V1R3


MEGA just released the latest version of the HOPEX platform (V1R3). This new release continues on the path of helping CIOs and their teams be more proactive business transformation agents while keeping risks under control. It will also strengthen customers’ IT governance principles. These major advancements are now available in all of our solutions powered by HOPEX.

Learn more about our three brand new products:

  • HOPEX IT Risk Management: helps define the right IT governance model and implement the appropriate control structure
  • Risk Mapper on HOPEX: add risk and control information and documentation to process models
  • BDNA Technopedia™: integrated with HOPEX IT Portfolio Management to incorporate technology lifecycle information

Discover our improved platform features:

  • User interface improved: beyond a fresh new design, usability, global performance and graphical capabilities have been significantly improved
  • New web clients
  • Reporting tools: redeveloped to offer new, easy-to-use features

Find out more about our latest upgrades:

  • MEGA Process BPMN on HOPEX
  • MEGA Architecture on HOPEX
  • HOPEX Internal Audit
  • MEGA Database Builder on HOPEX
  • HOPEX Information Architecture

To see how your organization can benefit from these new features and products, visit our website or download the "What's New" document (PDF).

New Products

New Products

HOPEX IT Risk Management

At MEGA, we believe that risk management is ALL about helping to make informed decisions, not just compiling information in separate repositories comprised of disconnected threats, risks or assets that are manually updated on a periodic basis. A company’s goal should be to take a global approach to IT risks by linking all of these elements to provide the right information, at the right time, to the right person in order for them to make appropriate decisions in the context of the business environment.

Our IT risk management solution helps define the right IT governance model and implement the appropriate control structure to support business objectives, enabling your organization to:

  • Reduce overall IT risk exposure
  • Ensure IT compliance
  • Remediate and report on all risk levels - of any scope, at any time

HOPEX IT Risk Management Solution Capabilities

1 - IT Risk Assessment: Getting in-depth impact analysis of changes and risks on IT infrastructure, data and capabilities

  • Build the asset inventory
  • Define threats & vulnerabilities
  • Identify & assess risks
  • Remediate & report

2 -  IT Compliance Risk Assessment: Gaining insight into compliance with IT regulations and defining action plans

  • Import and map regulations
  • Create controls & assess compliance risks
  • Reporting

3 - IT Vendor Risk Assessment: Understanding IT vendor risk and anticipating their impact

  • Reference vendors & contracts
  • Define the scope and send questionnaires
  • Remediate & report on IT vendor risks

Learn more about HOPEX IT Risk Management (p.4)


MEGA Risk Mapper on HOPEX

MEGA Risk Mapper on HOPEX allows you to easily associate risks and controls with your business and IT architectures. You can identify risks and conduct risk assessments directly from your process diagrams.

With MEGA Risk Mapper on HOPEX, you can:

  • Identify and map risks and controls directly from your process diagrams
  • Assess risks to understand the impact on processes within the organization
  • Make more-informed decisions using heat maps and graphical reports

MEGA Risk Mapper on HOPEX can be used for preliminary risk assessments or it can be used in conjunction with other MEGA products:

  • MEGA’s modeling solutions: MEGA Process BPMN on HOPEX, MEGA Architecture on HOPEX
  • MEGA’s GRC solutions: HOPEX Enterprise Risk Management, HOPEX Internal Control, HOPEX Internal Audit, HOPEX IT Risk Management

Learn more about MEGA Risk Mapper on HOPEX (p.8)


BDNA Technopedia™: integrated with HOPEX IT Portfolio Management

BDNA Technopedia™ with HOPEX IT Portfolio Management allows your company to incorporate complete, up-to-date technology lifecycle information directly into the MEGA repository, so that IT leaders can easily manage technology obsolescence and vendor support changes.

HOPEX IT Portfolio Management - BDNA Technopedia™ Integration Solution Capabilities

  • Automatically updates software technology lifecycles
  • Enables effective decision making
  • Creates a basis for trusted, consistent data

BDNA Technopedia™ makes IT portfolio management faster and easier by providing consistent and accurate information about IT assets. Technopedia is the world’s largest, most comprehensive repository of market intelligence on enterprise software and hardware. This constantly-updated library tracks more than 1.2 million products from nearly 22,000 suppliers, with over 2,000 daily updates to ensure data fidelity.

Available via a subscription, and directly integrated with MEGA's HOPEX IT Portfolio Management solution through a web connector, Technopedia™ provides IT portfolio managers with a categorized and structured catalog with attributes such as product lifecycles, end-of-life, and more.

About BDNA: BDNA Technopedia is the world’s largest catalog of IT products

Learn more about the BDNA Technopedia™ Integration (p.9)

Platform Evolutions

Platform Evolutions

New Modern UI

Beyond a fresh new design, usability, global performance and graphical capabilities have been significantly improved

Main Features:

  • Redesigned look & feel
  • New Icons
  • New Shapes
  • New Stylesheet
  • New Tile oriented homepage
  • Real time access to key data through a fully customizable homepage

Learn more about the new plaftform user interface (p.17)


New Reporting Engine

Redeveloped to offer new and easy-to-use features.

Quick access to key data with new reporting features

  • End users can personalize reports styles
  • New view for end users thanks to Report DataSet
  • Available in all MEGA reports
  • Instantly create dashboards and reports that can be easily exported into MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and PDF

Learn more about the reporting capabilities (p.20)


New Web Clients

Web clients now available for:

  • HOPEX SAP Blueprint
  • MEGA for NAF 3.1 on HOPEX
  • MEGA for DoDAF on HOPEX
  • MEGA CMDB Alignment on HOPEX

Learn more about the Web Client platform (p.14)

Product Improvements

Product Improvements


MEGA Process BPMN on HOPEX provides decision support through as-is and to-be process mapping. Process owners, business analysts, IT architects, and other stakeholders can take advantage of BPMN 2.0 common notation to improve communication and optimize their processes.

New in V1R3:

  • BPMN import: import process descriptions from BPMN files so that processes modeled in other BPMN modeling tools or workflow engines can be used by MEGA
  • Duplicate command on system process and functional processes
  • Diagram initialization from product offerings
  • Risk Modeling: Updated attributes/properties & shapes

Learn more about MEGA Process BPMN on HOPEX (p.37)


MEGA Architecture on HOPEX

MEGA Architecture on HOPEX is a powerful tool for analyzing the impacts of change, thereby enabling you to build reference maps to describe, analyze, and manage your IT systems, applications and infrastructure.

New in V1R3:

  • Information flow modeling
  • Updated diagramming capabilities

Learn more about MEGA Architecture on HOPEX (p.41)


HOPEX Internal Audit

HOPEX Internal Audit makes it faster, easier, and less expensive to implement internal audit best practices and governance. Our solution is designed to save time throughout the internal audit process, while ensuring that audit data are traceable and consistent.

New in V1R3:

  • Follow-up on recommendations and audit missions
  • Add mass workflow button in activities list of an audit mission
  • Add a command on a work paper to propose a specific question group as a template

Learn more about HOPEX Internal Audit (p.41)


HOPEX Information Architecture

HOPEX Information Architecture provides the timely, in-depth information that enterprise information managers and business architects need to manage knowledge and data as an enterprise asset

New in V1R3:

  • New representation types
  • Concept and data views now include class diagram

Learn more about MEGA Database Builder on HOPEX (p.42)


MEGA System Blueprint on HOPEX

MEGA System Blueprint on HOPEX lets you fully integrate system design specifications into an enterprise architecture environment, and use best practices to articulate specifications of systems and system upgrades.

New in V1R3:

  • Batch planning structure diagram
  • Batch program structure diagram
  • IT service implementation
  • System process batch realization

Learn more about MEGA System Blueprint on HOPEX (p.47)