Transformation Pitfalls [and why Enterprise Architecture matters]

Thursday, February 7th | 11:00am AEDT

As companies step up their challenge to digitally transform, not all are prepared to execute it successfully. A worrying trend revealed that 70% of transformation initiatives will fail. As such, the role of enterprise architecture (EA) becomes even more important in reducing complexity associated with digital transformation.

Learn from this webinar on how EA can guide the overall digital strategy and help prevent common pitfalls related to 3 main challenges: lack of strategic planning, visibility and customer-centricity. 

Key takeaways include:

  • Assessment of common transformation pitfalls from real-life examples
  • Meeting the business needs and delivery priorities with effective IT strategy
  • Increasing visibility on the current state architecture with 3 steps approach
  • Aligning business processes and technology with the customer journey

This webinar is in partnership with Australasian Architecture Network (AAN) and will include a live Q&A, so don’t miss your chance to engage with our speakers.


  • Andrew Blades,  Founder & Chief Contributor - Australasian Architecture Network and Architecting for Innovation Meetup Group
  • Nafis Siddeeque, ANZ Presales - MEGA International
  • Mher Foudoulian, Principal Consultant ANZ - MEGA International
Transformation Pitfalls [and why Enterprise Architecture matters]