Boston, June 1, 2015 – Two business transformation experts from MEGA International will speak on IT portfolio management at the Camp IT Conference June 18-19 in Las Vegas.

Dan Hebda and Kevin Costa will share their ideas on ways to optimize IT assets and align IT investments with business needs.

“IT departments are so focused on maintaining legacy systems and preventing system breakdowns that they often don’t have time or money to invest in new projects and innovation,” explained Hebda. “Using IT portfolio management to reduce the cost and complexity of your IT assets can free up resources for new projects to drive the business forward.”

IT strategy delivery begins with IT portfolio management, which allows companies to map, evaluate and transform applications, technologies and infrastructure. By eliminating application redundancies and technology inefficiencies, IT can become a strategic asset to support new business initiatives, as well as reduce risks.

“Companies rely more and more on IT to keep the business growing, so it is essential to identify and change the application landscape in this complex, fast-changing digital age,” noted Costa. “Countless organizations have increased productivity, saved money and improved the customer experience by providing transparency about IT resources across multiple teams.”

MEGA’s HOPEX IT Portfolio Management helps companies rationalize their IT investments and align them with business priorities. The popular software solution helps CIOs turn application and technology portfolio data into information for decision-making in critical change scenarios involving IT assets. The solution helps companies: 

  • increase the flexibility of IT 
  • anticipate business requirements and make relevant IT change decisions
  • increase the productivity of IT portfolio management programs
About MEGA

MEGA International is a global software firm helping companies manage enterprise complexity by giving them an interactive view of their operations. Executives gain the visibility and information they need to make the right choices for effective governance and for striking the right balance between capacity for innovation, cost optimization, and risk management. Backed by HOPEX software and MEGA services, companies can boost business and IT agility in today’s disruptive business environment.

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