BOSTON, September 28, 2016 – MEGA International today introduced its Banking Task Force to help bank executives get ahead of the significant changes occurring in the industry today. 

The Task Force is a group of experts who guide enterprises through business transformations that take advantage of the digital revolution. They apply proven technology tools to help banks anticipate market changes and introduce innovation and agility into their organizations.

“We have seen mammoth market shifts in the banking industry as a result of technology and lifestyle changes … things that weren’t even thought possible five years ago,” explained Lucio de Risi, CEO, MEGA. “With traditional brick-and-mortar banking declining, bank executives are trying to quickly design new financial services and improve customer experiences for constantly evolving consumer groups.”

Task Force members were selected for their special expertise helping banks simplify operations to improve the customer experience and business outcomes. They help banks identify which capabilities and resources are required to offer new levels of services and more flexible access points. 

“Banks don’t just compete today with other banks; they compete with many non-banks. Companies like retail titan Walmart, telecom giant Orange and technology leader Google are just a few of the enterprises that have expanded from their own traditional businesses,” noted de Risi. “Conventional banks have to evolve quickly to meet this challenge. Very often, this means breaking down silos, eliminating redundancies, increasing flexibility and offering customers a broad range of services on a mobile platform.”

MEGA offers a full range of robust technology tools, all based on its HOPEX platform, that give banks the fastest and most reliable road to innovation and transformation. The company’s enterprise architecture solutions put the choices for good business decisions in their hands rather than in their competitors’.

With MEGA’s platform and unified solutions, companies develop their own criteria to consider in evaluating options … costs, risks, market share growth, alignment with strategy, capabilities or any number of elements that are important to the business.  Bank executives can clearly see what processes, people, resources, technologies and organizational structures are required for each option and what outcomes can be expected. 

MEGA has been recognized for years as an industry leader by prominent analyst firms: 2016 is the eighth year in a row that Gartner, Inc. named the company as a leader in enterprise architecture tools.

About MEGA

MEGA International is a global software firm helping companies manage enterprise complexity by giving them an interactive view of their operations. Executives gain the visibility and information they need to make the right choices for effective governance and for striking the right balance between capacity for innovation, cost optimization, and risk management. Backed by HOPEX software and MEGA services, companies can boost business and IT agility in today’s disruptive business environment.

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