MEGA Named Leader in Customer Journey Mapping

BOSTON, February 12, 2019 - MEGA International has been named a leader by Aragon Research in its Tech Spectrum for Customer Journey Mapping, 2019. MEGA is recognized as a leader for offering a comprehensive solution covering all aspects of customer journey mapping and for our holistic approach to improving customer experience.

“Because of the integration to new and existing architectures, efforts, and programs, MEGA is unique in helping to identify and manage transformation efforts in a holistic fashion,” noted the report.

MEGA’s solutions allow customer journey mapping initiatives to be easily integrated with the overall business strategy, allowing for a better understanding and evaluation of the key processes of the organization. With MEGA’s comprehensive lineup of integrated software, businesses can effectively incorporate customer experience and business innovation into the strategic roadmap and achieve business transformation with greater success.

“Customer journey mapping (CJM) technologies capture the voice and behaviors of customers to improve the real-time experience customers have—and hopefully enjoy,” noted the report. “Brand loyalty is not static any more. It is a real-time battle that requires significant and ongoing investments of time and technology. Customer journey mapping methods and technologies are a great assist to organizations. Invest now to have a more long-lived digital future or pay later when customers desert you.”

Aragon evaluated 27 companies that provide customer journey mapping software. The assessment was based on performance in selling and supporting their products/services and on their strategy, or how well the vendor can meet current market needs and identify future market direction.

The research firm predicts that by 2021, 90 percent of enterprises will significantly improve their customer journeys to compete effectively and tap into new revenue opportunities. The report cited several key capabilities in effective customer journey mapping software:

  • journey map creation and map collaboration
  • information and emotion capture
  • visualization and analysis
  • administration
  • methodology assists

MEGA’s HOPEX Business Process Analysis solution helps companies map and personalize the customer journey, rate customer experiences at each touchpoint, and design processes that can improve the customer experience. 

“Customer experience is more important today than ever before to business and innovation leaders. Managing the customer journey is how market leaders remain leaders. They actively craft positive customer experiences so that buyers choose them over competitors,” explained Lucio de Risi, CEO, MEGA. “In today’s digital age, customers have control and customer-centric companies are succeeding. These organizations are using proven software solutions to help them manage the end-to-end user experience and map the customer journey in order to determine where to focus resources that build brand loyalty, increase sales, and become/remain a market leader.”

In addition to HOPEX Business Process Analysis, MEGA offers a wide range of solutions supporting business transformation to help organizations improve customer experience, accelerate business transformation, and manage risk by transforming business processes. Additional benefits include:

  • Design business processes and build action plans to improve the customer journey
  • Improve customer experience and reduce time-to-market
  • Provide enhanced decision support using robust reporting and analysis features
  • Transform business while factoring in a risk perspective

Aragon Research does not endorse vendors, or their products or services that are referenced in its research publications, and does not advise users to select those vendors that are rated the highest. Aragon Research publications consist of the opinions of Aragon Research and Advisory Services organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Aragon Research provides its research publications and the information contained in them "AS IS," without warranty of any kind.

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