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Optimize and transform your business processes

Business Process Analysis tools help you to illustrate your company’s operations and identify ways to optimize and transform. With a BPA tool you can boost your business efficiency, create superior customer experiences, and design new business initiatives.  Generate process diagrams, map customer journeys, and model current and future states to design effective processes that deliver increased value.  

Business Process Analysis Benefits

Improve business efficiency

Improve business efficiency

Model, analyze and standardize your business processes to improve business efficiency and support new business models.

Deliver superior customer experiences

Deliver superior customer experiences

Map customer journeys to design optimal processes and deliver superior customer experience.

Ensure compliance with policies and regulations

Ensure compliance with policies and regulations

Maintain business process models in a single repository, identify areas of concerns, and improve operations to drive compliance initiatives.

Business Process Analysis Capabilities

HOPEX Business Process Analysis helps to design, optimize, and transform your business processes.

Design business processes

Model, document and share business processes

  • Automatically generate diagrams
  • Leverage a collaborative design platform and out of the box workflows
  • Maintain business process models in a single repository
  • Use Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)

Optimize business processes

Design optimal processes with an outside-in perspective

  • Map persona-based customer journeys
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Connect touchpoints to underlying processes
  • Design customer-centric business processes

Transform business processes

Support business transformation and enrich process models with risk and control information

  • Model current and future process
  • Create multiple “what if” scenarios
  • Conduct risk assessments on process diagrams
  • Implement controls to reduce risks associated to processes

Make smarter decisions faster with a pragmatic approach

Work as you want using the HOPEX platform to connect business, IT, data, and risks perspectives in a single platform that easily integrates into your digital ecosystem. 

Gain immediate value of your projects

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