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Turn your data into a strategic asset

HOPEX Data Governance gives Chief Data Officers a comprehensive solution to work smarter, faster, and with a business-outcome-driven approach. Packed with data discovery, automatic data catalog & business glossary, data modeling, data compliance and analytics  essential features, HOPEX helps business and data stakeholders to collaborate and create extra value for the entire company.

Data Governance Benefits

Accelerate data governance initiatives with data discovery

Accelerate data governance initiatives with data discovery

Data Catalog facilitates the main discovery and metadata management tasks.

Improve data trust by managing data quality

Improve data trust by managing data quality

Assess and remediate data quality. Centralize your data quality and compliance policies. 

Federate the data community to foster collaboration

Federate the data community to foster collaboration

Communicate with your data community with dashboards. Develop your data literacy with a portal and mobile application.

Data Governance Capabilities

HOPEX Data Governance helps you discover, govern and trust your data.

Data Knowledge

Get visibility into your data

  • Discover your data with ready to use connectors
  • Automatically build and leverage shared data catalogs and business glossaries 
  • Improve business efficiency and data literacy

Data Trust

Ensure data integrity and data compliance

  • Assess and remediate data quality 
  • Enforce data policies across the organization 
  • Accelerate compliance and keep up with regulatory changes

Data Innovation

Link business and data office for value creation

  • Support new data-driven business models using a shared platform, a portal and mobile application
  • Monitor your data office outcomes with dashboards
  • Leverage your existing EA, BPA and GRC initiatives to drive stronger and more resilient outcomes

Get insights and access data from anywhere


Share insights across your organization with a dedicated mobile app

Share insights on data to everyone in your organization wherever they are. View detailed information on data such as data glossary, data usage, data responsibilities and much more.


Make smarter decisions faster with a pragmatic approach

Work as you want using the HOPEX platform to connect business, IT, data, and risks perspectives in a single platform that easily integrates into your digital ecosystem. 

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