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Shift from a documentation tool to an operational tool

Adopt an operational tool to work smarter, faster, and with a business-outcome-driven approach to plan innovative business transformation.

With MEGA HOPEX for Enterprise Architecture, you can visualize how your company operates, analyze impacts and dependencies, and derive insights to optimize functionality and performance.

Conduct business architecture to create a strategic business transformation roadmap

Capture strategic objectives
Capture strategic objectives
Incorporate the organization’s vision, objectives, strategy, and tactics to ensure projects support corporate initiatives.
Map value streams and customer journeys
Map value streams and customer journeys
Use value streams to communicate how the organization expects to deliver value and adopt a user-centric perspective by mapping your customers’ journeys.
Plan business capabilities
Plan business capabilities
Map your current and future business capabilities, link them to value streams and customer journeys, and assess their strategic criticality.
Define enterprise roadmap
Define enterprise roadmap
Create a transformation roadmap to communicate how IT helps the business to succeed by making the best use of technology resources.

Perform application portfolio management to get a clear view on your applications, technologies, and business capabilities

Automatically discover and import IT assets
Automatically discover and import IT assets
Accelerate time-to-value by populating your EA repository with application discovery on premise and cloud.
Assess business value, cost, and risk
Assess business value, cost, and risk
Launch assessment campaigns to crowdsource information and get information to assess application value, cost, and risk.
Manage technology lifecycles
Manage technology lifecycles
Retrieve technology lifecycles from an online library to mitigate technology risk and monitor technology obsolescence.
Get smart recommendations
Get smart recommendations
Use algorythms to get recommandations on how to best rationalize your application portfolio or most effectively plan your cloud migration strategy.

Use project portfolio management to prioritize projects with a data driven approach

Launch ideation campaigns
Launch ideation campaigns
Collect ideas and turn them into projects aligned to strategic objectives.
Manage demands
Manage demands
Prioritize demands based on business value, cost, and risk and transform demands into projects.
Prioritize projects based on multiple scenarios
Prioritize projects based on multiple scenarios
Compare transformation scenarios to optimize the use of resources.
Build a project roadmap
Build a project roadmap
Communicate a strategic view of your projects including objectives, milestones, deliverables and resources in a planned timeline.

Execute solution architecture to adapt your IT architecture to emerging technologies and Agile developments

Design application diagrams
Design application diagrams
Use automatic diagraming to initialize application environment models and finalize them with an intuitive drag and drop functionality.
Map technical infrastructure
Map technical infrastructure
See how components are connected to get a clear view of your technical infrastructure and see how to optimize performance.
Leverage cloud Services
Leverage cloud Services
Accelerate cloud architecture design leveraging cloud services from AWS, MS Azure, and Google Cloud.
Define reference architectures for agile dev teams
Define reference architectures for agile dev teams
Ensure alignment across solutions and value streams by sharing reference architecture templates with Agile development teams.

MEGA HOPEX platform for enterprise architecture

Simplify collaboration and ensure alignment, collect and analyze information, and get actionable insights with a smart, automated, and connected platform.

Smart: get data-driven insights based on algorithms

  • Persona-based dashboards: Monitor ongoing performance of your projects with dashboards tailored for each main stakeholder.
  • HOPEX 360 enterprise portal & ID card mobile app: Share insights across your organization with a ready-to-use enterprise portal and mobile app.
  • Algorithm-based recommendations: Get recommendations on how to best rationalize your application portfolio or design yourcloud migration strategy.

Automated: accelerate the delivery of your projects

  • Automated discovery of applications and technologies: Accelerate time-to-value by automatically discovering on-premise and SaaS applications. 
  • Automated diagramming: Accelerate your application and system environment diagrams by automatically initializing them with a click of a button.
  • Automate rationalization efforts: Speed up rationalization projects using automated discovery to identify data from 3rd party sources.

Connected: improve collaboration and alignment

  • Central repository: Enable collaboration and improve alignment between stakeholders using a single source of truth.
  • Integrations: Foster collaboration between all transformation actors by connecting to any 3rd party system with out-of-the-box connectors and open APIs. 
  • Intuitive and collaborative workflows: Simplify collaboration across all contributors with wizards and guided workflows.

Accelerate the delivery of your enterprise architecture projects using out-of-the box integrations

Integration MEGA HOPEX Flexera


Leverage end-of-life information to monitor technology obsolescence, mitigate technology risks, and define action plans to update obsolete technologies and improve security.

Integration MEGA HOPEX Eracent


Automatically discover technologies and applications to accelerate the population of your IT asset repository and normalize information coming from your CMDB to manage technology lifecycle and security risks.

Integration MEGA HOPEX Cast Highlight

Cast Highlight

Get metrics on software code for your in-house applications and assess their cloud readiness.

Integration MEGA HOPEX Service Now


Populate the HOPEX repository with IT assets from ServiceNow and uncover the strategic vision of these assets.

Integration MEGA HOPEX Teams

Microsoft Teams

Leverage Microsoft Teams workspaces to simply share architecture diagrams, data and analytics, and foster collaboration.

Integration MEGA HOPEX Office

Microsoft Office

Import Excel templates and Visio diagrams to quickly populate data into the HOPEX platform. Export data from HOPEX into PowerPoint, Excel, and Word to share information at the touch of a button across the organization.

Integration MEGA HOPEX UCF


Retrieve regulatory authority documents, sub-regulations, and controls from the CCH framework to manage IT compliance amd staying up-to-date with changing regulations.

Integration MEGA HOPEX Rest API GraphQL

Rest API GraphQL

Perform any custom integration with third-party products simple, efficient, industrialized GraphQL and REST APIs that can easily evolve as your business needs change.

Integration MEGA HOPEX Beamy


Automatically and continuously detect all SaaS applications to eliminate shadow IT, reduce security risks, and optimize IT costs.

Work in a standardized manner using recognized enterprise architecture frameworks

Recognized framework MEGA HOPEX TOGAF


HOPEX supports The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) Architecture Development Method (ADM) and complies with the TOGAF Architecture Content Framework (ACF).

Recognized framework MEGA HOPEX ArchiMate


HOPEX is certified for The Open Group ArchiMate 3.1. The implementation is fully integrated with other HOPEX solutions to add BPMN or APM capabilities.

Recognized framework MEGA HOPEX DoDAF


HOPEX supports DoDAF, The Department of Defense Architecture Framework, providing a repository-based tool to describe, document, and share all DoDAF views.

Recognized framework MEGA HOPEX NAF


NAF views including capability, operational, service-oriented, system, technical, and program views are implemented in HOPEX.

Recognized framework MEGA HOPEX BizBOK


Industry reference models can be used in HOPEX including capability maps, value streams, and information maps.

Recognized framework MEGA HOPEX BIAN


BIAN members can import service landscape models, including capability maps specifically designed for the banking industry.

Recognized framework MEGA HOPEX UML


HOPEX supports UML 2.3 including all static and behavioral diagrams.

Core enterprise Architecture use cases

IT Strategic Planning

Plan how IT helps the business succeed by building a clear IT roadmap that optimizes technology resources.

IT Risk and Compliance

Protect your digital assets and improve business resiliency by managing IT compliance to meet privacy and regulatory requirements.

Cloud Architecture

Define the best cloud migration strategy and leverage cloud services from AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud to model cloud native applications and systems.

Application Rationalization

Reduce cost and complexity of your application portfolios with a data-driven approach based on business criticality, cost and risk.

Cloud Migration

Pick the best cloud migration strategy to boost efficiency, optimize costs and accelerate innovation.

Technology Lifecycle Management

Reduce technology debt and mitigate IT risks by managing technology obsolescence.

Agile Solution Architecture

Support Agile developments sharing reference architecture and break silos across developments teams to shorten development cycles.

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