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Turn your enterprise data into a trusted asset

Trust your enterprise data with information architecture that organizes, structures, and labels content in a systematic and sustainable way. An information architecture tool helps you to govern data, and manage compliance rules to enable quicker, more intelligent decisions.


Get visibility into your data

Get visibility into your data

Build and leverage a data dictionary and a business glossary to improve business efficiency and ensure everybody shares a common understanding

Ensure data integrity

Ensure data integrity

Ensure data integrity by understanding how data is used and transformed thanks to a clear data lineage

Ensure data compliance

Ensure data compliance

Define rules, link them to business processes and make sure your data comply to internal policies and regulations.


HOPEX Information Architecture helps you to architect, trace, and govern data

Architect data

Get a clear view of your data using data dictionaries, business glossaries and models.

  • Automatically generate a data dictionary
  • Build a business glossary of enterprise terms
  • Design physical, logical and conceptual data models
  • Automatically connect technical data to business data

Trace data

Describe data transformations and assess data quality

  • Map data lineage and describe the transformations that happen to the data
  • Link data to applications and processes to understand data usage
  • Assess data quality
  • Analyze impact of change

Govern data

Make sure your data respect internal policies and external regulations

  • Assign data governance roles
  • Define collaborative workflows
  • Describe rules required by regulatory bodies
  • Tie rules to business processes to ensure their enforcement
  • Reference regulations including BCBS 239 and Solvency II to ensure compliance

Make smarter decisions faster with a pragmatic approach

Work as you want using the HOPEX platform to connect business, IT, data, and risks perspectives in a single platform that easily integrates into your digital ecosystem. 

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