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Strengthen risk management and governance with internal audit

By digitalizing the full audit lifecycle, HOPEX Internal Audit provides assurance professionals with agility and visibility to strengthen risk management and governance. Built to facilitate the planning, execution, reporting, and follow up of audits, HOPEX Internal Audit delivers standardized methodology and best practice workflows.

Internal Audit Benefits

Prioritize activities based on risks and business imperatives

Prioritize activities based on risks and business imperatives

Dynamically visualize risks and controls in context and prioritize audit activities by business objectives.

Enhance audit productivity and standardization

Enhance audit productivity and standardization

Optimize task assignments and use predefined work programs and workflows to streamline audit execution. Store documentation and evidence on a centralized searchable library.

Report with confidence and evidence to the board

Report with confidence and evidence to the board

Provide management with smart audit insights and recommendations via ready-to-use dashboards and reports.

Internal Audit Capabilities

HOPEX Internal Audit helps to conduct the full audit lifecycle using a risk-based approach.

Optimize audit coverage and planning

Build a risk-based, dynamic audit plan, aligned with business objectives

  • Define audit scope based on results of prior audits, risk assessments, and business priorities 
  • Schedule audits and build audit program libraries 
  • Assign resources based on auditor skill and availability
  • Track auditor time and expenses 

Streamline audit execution and reporting

Boost audit fieldwork using standardization and automation

  • Use digital workpaper management and checklists 
  • Record findings, issue recommendations, and store evidence on and offline
  • Review and monitor progress with dedicated dashboards
  • Approve final audit report and share using automated workflows

Track and follow up audit findings

Deliver strategic value with intelligent findings and recommendations

  • Review findings and publish recommendations to auditees
  • Track action plan progress by priority and term 
  • Manage KPIs using dashboard and customizable widgets
  • Use smart alerting and out-of-the-box reports

Go mobile to simplify your audit management

HOPEX Audit Everywhere

Smart mobile app to improve auditor’s productivity

Audit Everywhere is the perfect mobile companion to improve auditor productivity offering the possibility to run and access audit from an easy-to-use interface online or offline.

Make smarter decisions faster with a pragmatic approach

Work as you want using the HOPEX platform to connect business, IT, data, and risks perspectives in a single platform that easily integrates into your digital ecosystem. 

Gain immediate value of your projects

Sign up for a 30-day trial version of the HOPEX platform and demonstrate immediate value of your project.

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