Our enterprise architecture solutions are designed to help IT leaders support business innovation and align to business objectives. Our solutions include all layers of Enterprise Architecture from business objectives up to technology infrastructure through to application architecture. Through a clear representation of a company’s organization, IT leaders get a deep understanding of how their digital assets should support business activities, so they can plan an effective IT roadmap.

At MEGA, we believe that the increasing pace of change due to digital transformation requires continuous improvements in enterprise architecture to deliver greater business performance and support a company’s transformation.

That’s why our enterprise architecture solutions are designed to provide powerful tools for three main objectives:

Mapping and streamlining: We give IT leaders the tools they need to obtain a comprehensive overview of their organization, and help them design and implement agile IT systems, streamlined business processes, and optimized operating frameworks aligned with their business strategies.

Strategic planning and digital transformation: We help IT leaders build coherent transition plans, comparing and prioritizing specific projects. Additionally, they can foresee the impact of their decisions and plan the right actions to manage business transformation. With our solutions, IT leaders achieve greater agility and reactivity to overcome new business challenges.

Greater value for businesses: Our enterprise architecture solutions can consolidate several different views of an organization so IT leaders can respond more quickly and deliver greater value to the business. The strategy and business views shed light on current and future business needs. The information view is essential for understanding how workflows and dependencies should be adapted both inside and outside the organization. The IT view indicates how information system should change to meet business needs. And the risk view lets you factor in your company’s risk appetite and investment capacity.

With our enterprise architecture solutions, IT leaders and business stakeholders can ensure that IT governance is a proactive component of the overall enterprise governance – which is critical at times of digital transformation.

Our enterprise architecture solutions − lauded by industry analysts around the world – use a proven methodology based on standards, enterprise architecture frameworks, and best practices set forth by industry organizations and standard-setting bodies. They help foster IT/business alignment by rolling out strategy and process changes, and creating synergies between IT and business roadmaps. They leverage our extensive experience helping customers carry out successful enterprise architecture programs.