HOPEX Cloud provides a secure environment in private and public clouds with maximum uptime. It uses a single integrated cloud platform for all MEGA applications, while providing the flexibility and customization to meet specific customer needs.


  • Built on a secure platform with a single tenant architecture for private and public clouds
  • Operates in a dedicated environment providing greater reliability, performance, and uptime
  • Uses a single integrated platform with a central repository across all MEGA applications
  • Delivers high flexibility, scalability, and customization

Key features

  • Private or Public Clouds

HOPEX Cloud can be installed on private and public clouds, so you can choose the best infrastructure for your needs. Public clouds offer scalability and cost-effective infrastructure, while private clouds provide greater security and reliability as well as better control over the server where applications are hosted.

  • Dedicated Environment

HOPEX Cloud uses a dedicated environment with a single tenant architecture. That gives you a robust level of security since each user’s data are completely separate from any other’s. With this dedicated environment, HOPEX Cloud delivers enhanced performance, reliability, and uptime. Additionally, it gives you control over updates with the flexibility to decide when is the best time to install upgrades. It also makes it easier to back up and restore data.

  • Integrated Platform

HOPEX Cloud is based on MEGA’s HOPEX platform which integrates all MEGA solutions. It provides a collaborative workspace and single enterprise repository that every user can access through a role-based interface. Within this platform, MEGA cloud applications are easy to deploy and operate in synergy because the same objects are shared across all applications.

  • Scalable and Customizable

HOPEX Cloud is customizable through the MEGA Cloud Services team. Hardware performance, network performance, and storage performance can be specified, and users can customize settings like the number of environments, number of databases, backup frequency, and VPN and SSL custom settings. Additional management features are available upon request such as additional sandboxes and production ramp-up services.


HOPEX Cloud’s infrastructure is provided by Microsoft Azure, ensuring a presence around the world. Microsoft Azure leverages the latest infrastructure technology while focusing on high reliability, operational excellence, and cost-effectiveness. It uses industry-leading security measures and privacy policies, and adheres to international compliance programs. Additionally, it offers a wide range of redundancy and recovery options.
MEGA has successfully completed a SOC 2 Type 2 examination for this cloud offering, based on the trust principles of security, availability and confidentiality.

MEGA also offers MEGA Private Cloud, a private infrastructure with dedicated virtual servers that assures the highest levels of availability and security.