HOPEX Information Architecture provides the timely, in-depth information that enterprise information managers and business architects need to manage knowledge and data as an enterprise asset. With our solution, stakeholders can make collaborative, well-informed decisions about information usage across the various functions of your organization.

HOPEX Information Architecture gives IS managers the tools to:

  • Ensure the proper use of information and minimize deviations at an execution level
  • Adopt a layered approach for business ontologies consisting of elementary and temporal concepts
  • Relate information to concepts or other enterprise views, including business processes, information flows, and applications
  • Generate realization reports that show the connections among data models, entities, attributes, and databases

Key Features

Model and update information architecture

  • Use semantic models to build consistent representations of your organization in terms of business entities, their relationships, and their lifecycles
  • Build data dictionaries with the support of multiple terminology bases
  • Develop business collaboration models to capture information exchange, and identify and manage key information assets

Assess information consistency and deviations at an execution level

  • Enhance convergence and consistency with recommended corrective actions (action plans)

Adopt a layered approach for business ontologies

  • Start with an initial snapshot of your business vocabulary and move seamlessly to advanced data dictionaries – with the help of automatically-generated reports for easy communication

Generate relevant reports

  • Use report templates and build and circulate glossaries, data dictionaries, term definition lists, synonyms, and components – all with on-demand translation capabilities
  • Generate reports to visualize the implementation of dictionary elements in other parts of the architecture, depending on the desired view: organizational, business, logical, physical, etc.

HOPEX Information Architecture is integrated into MEGA’s single platform. That means you get enhanced synergies for advancing your business and IT transformation, as well as a clear, common view of key information about your organization.