HOPEX Integrated Risk Management: Understand risks in the context of business operations

HOPEX Integrated Risk Management


HOPEX Integrated Risk Management enables you to seamlessly move from a check-in-the-box compliance approach to a risk-aware culture. It facilitates risk awareness across your organization by using a single platform integrating risks, controls, incidents and compliance with business operations. It gives you a clear picture of how risks are tied to processes and IT portfolios, while helping you understand the impacts due to an evolving regulatory environment or changing business needs.




HOPEX Integrated Risk Management helps risk managers, controllers and compliance officers to:

  • Efficiently identify risks and implement related controls in a structured library 
  • Assess risks and controls through automated assessment campaigns
  • Declare incidents and contextualize them with the materialized risk or failing control
  • Manage compliance and map regulatory requirements to processes and IT assets


HOPEX Integrated Risk Management Key Features

Identify risks, set controls

  • Build a risk library in a single repository
  • Assess risks from the perspective of risk impact and likelihood
  • Use automated risk assessment campaigns, and monitor progress
  • Implement controls to mitigate identified risks
  • Set up an internal control library
  • Set control methods and execution steps
  • Launch control execution campaigns
  • Carry out control assessment and testing campaigns

Collect incidents

  • Declare and approve incidents with a collaborative approach
  • Capture financial information regarding the Incident (Loss, Gains, Recoveries & Provisions)
  • Connect to third party systems to capture incident data
  • Contextualize the incident by specifying the materialized risk or failing control
  • Perform root cause analysis
  • Report incidents

Manage compliance

  • Gather regulatory requirements
  • Map requirements to processes, entities and applications
  • Define controls implementing regulatory compliance
  • Identify and manage risks of non-compliance
  • Understand impact due to regulatory change

Work in an integrated platform

  • Prepare and manage assessment campaigns 
  • Define and monitor action plans
  • Work collaboratively using workflows
  • Manage daily activities with personalized to-do sections 
  • Customize dashboards with predefined widgets 
  • Create custom reports using multiple concepts: risks, controls, incidents, compliance

HOPEX Integrated Risk Management is integrated into MEGA’s single platform. That means you get enhanced synergies for advancing your business and IT transformation, as well as a clear, common view of key information about your organization.