HOPEX IT Portfolio Management allows IT departments to inventory their IT assets, develop transformation plans through a comprehensive assessment of their assets, while reducing complexity and costs.

With HOPEX IT Portfolio Management, you can:

  • Reduce complexity and bring visibility to your IT assets
  • Cut costs and save on future investments
  • Transform the IT portfolio while anticipating business and technology risks
  • Support new business initiatives through greater flexibility

Key Features

Inventory: Collecting data and setting up an IT asset repository

The inventory phase consists of:

  • Automating IT data imports via pre-built Excel files, CMDB interface, and APIs.
  • Crowdsourcing data collection to stakeholders through a collaborative platform
  • Building IT asset ID Cards including ownership, functional scope, technology, lifecycle, risks, costs, and other custom criteria
  • Viewing IT assets by business lines, business processes, business capabilities, organizational units and technology vendors

Evaluation: Analyzing data and assessing the IT asset portfolio

The evaluation phase consists of:

  • Assessing your IT assets through the analysis of multiple criteria using out-of-the-box or custom reports
  • Breaking down costs by type (CAPEX & OPEX) and by category (manpower, license, service, and infrastructure)
  • Streamlining system performance through reports on technology obsolescence, compliance levels, and vendor dependencies
  • Evaluating your IT assets by business value, functional support, and technical efficiency through the use of IT portfolio evaluation campaigns
  • Optionally integrating third-party solutions to provide other evaluation perspectives such as risks tied to software code, cloud readiness and technology lifecycle.

Transformation: Developing and comparing transformation projects, submitting ideas

The transformation phase consists of:

  • Identifying and prioritize projects to rationalize the IT landscape. Create project portfolios.
  • Building multiple scenarios by accepting or rejecting projects.
  • Comparing scenarios using various criteria such as risk on deadlines and costs.
  • Performing multiple what-if analysis, and determine which scenario to implement
  • Improving IT Portfolio performance by collecting ideas from various stakeholders

HOPEX IT Portfolio Management is integrated into MEGA’s single platform. That means you get enhanced synergies for advancing business and IT transformation, as well as a clear, shared view of key information about your organization.