HOPEX NAF implements all NAF views and provides a powerful repository-based tool for describing and documenting NAF views while ensuring coherence within a view, between different views, and within an architecture. Because our solution complies with architecture standards and integrates service-oriented views, it can help you better plan and govern large architecture projects. The underlying platform provides support for documentation and knowledge sharing, creating a powerful collaborative working environment.

Key Features

Supports NAF 3.1

  • Supports all NAF views and elements to describe your overall IT architecture: capability views, operational views, service-oriented views, system views, technical views, and program views

Architecture modeling

  • Generates standard and complete enterprise architecture models tailored specifically to the needs of NAF implementation. Impact analyses are performed using capability phasing, and systems and processes are broken down into elementary services with all relevant links. The repository-based implementation allows for impact analyses and object reuse across views and architectures, alignment of the new architecture with your corporate vision, operational architecture, and resource structures, and traceability of all elements and their relationships.

Creation and manipulation of NAF views

  • Provides NAF views and sub-views as graphical models. Wizards and contextual on-line help make the software easy to use. The graphical interface covers all navigation features within the architecture – and specifically within a view, between different views within an architecture, and between different architectures. Links between elements ensure full traceability among different views, while validation checks ensure consistency across models.

Automatic report generation

  • Lets you produce easy-to-generate, high-quality deliverables, including 135+ predefined reports and the ability to interactively create new customized reports. Analysis reports reveal design inconsistencies and ensure modeling compliance.

BPMN compliance

  • HOPEX NAF supports the latest version of BPMN, the recognized industry standard for business process descriptions.

HOPEX NAF is integrated into HOPEX’s single platform. That means you get enhanced synergies for advancing your business and IT transformation, as well as a clear, common view of key information about your organization.