With HOPEX Power Studio, advanced users can customize HOPEX products and develop a unique view tailored to the specifics of their organization.

Key Features

HOPEX Power Studio include capabilities to customize:

  • Metamodels and attributes
  • User interfaces: web desktops, diagrams, property pages, and wizards
  • Processes and workflows
  • Assessment campaigns and questionnaires

Advanced report customization

The product also offers advanced report customization features. HOPEX Power Studio users can create report templates that are reused by end-users on a daily basis. Report templates include custom layouts, custom charts, custom colors or fonts, conditional formatting of pictures, and definition of filters that can be changed by end users when displaying the report.
The product lets users create custom queries from the repository through the report dataset feature. Extracted data can then be displayed using multiple types of reports such as bar charts, pie charts, graphs, word cloud, tables and matrices. Data can also be exported to third party BI solutions through available export tools.

HOPEX Power Studio is a platform product.