HOPEX Privacy Management software: Assess and ensure compliance to GDPR, CCPA and global privacy laws



HOPEX Privacy Management software provides a collaborative workspace for DPOs and cross-functional stakeholders to manage a data protection compliance initiative. This solution gives you the right tools to understand how your organization complies with global privacy laws, to implement the needed changes and automatically produce documents required by the regulator. The methodology has been developed with Gruppo IMPERIALI, who brings more than 30 years of Data Protection legal expertise. HOPEX Privacy Management integrates up-to-date regulatory details and legal templates to accelerate your remediation plans.


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With HOPEX Privacy Management software you can:

  • Manage compliance efforts from a collaborative workspace and centralized repository
  • Inform and accelerate remediation activities with up-to-date regulatory details and legal templates
  • Document and demonstrate compliance with a full range of reports designed for the Supervisory Authority
  • Maintain control over data privacy with Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Influence privacy by design efforts and know when to assess new and evolving processing activities


HOPEX Privacy Management Software Key Features

Description of Data Processing Activities

HOPEX Privacy Management software allows your company to create and describe activities processing Data Subject information:

  • Identify processes or applications handling sensitive data categories
  • Specify categories of involved data subjects and legal basis for processing
  • Assign DPOs and owners to processing activities to coordinate compliance efforts
  • Carry out a preliminary compliance assessment

Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)

Our privacy management software allows your company to conduct a DPIA whenever required

  • Prioritize processing activities by risk scale and compliance level
  • Define which processing activities require a DPIA and which do not need it
  • Document and assess risks affecting the rights and freedoms of data subjects
  • Issue recommendations to address identified risks and threats
  • Track implementation of recommendations

Data Breach Incidents

HOPEX Privacy Management software allows you to not only capture data breaches, as required by the regulation, but also to analyze them:

  • Document breaches with dates of discovery and actual breach, nature, origins, consequence, data categories affected
  • Capture remedial actions and whether regulators and affected individuals have been informed
  • Investigate causes of data breach by comparing current with past DPIAs
  • Ensure notification deadlines are respected by counting days since discovery

Data Subject Requests

Our privacy management software not only makes centralization of Data Subject Requests possible but also ensure they are answered within 30 days:

  • Enable external stakeholders to raise Data Subject Requests
  • Specify the Processing Activities concerned and the Data Controllers responsible for answering requests
  • Keep informed of requests’ progress
  • Analyze your organization’s efficiency at responding to requests within regulatory deadlines

Reporting & Analysis

All the information captured in HOPEX Privacy Management software is presented in a range of useful reports:

  • Record of processing activities – generates a Word editable report for easy distribution to stakeholders
  • DPIA Document – provides full description of the processing activity data protection risk assessment
  • Data Transfer Map – to view what data categories for what data subjects, where from and to, on a world map
  • Subject Rights Report – to assess if compliance for all data subjects has been achieved on all processing activities
  • Data Category Heatmap – table describing data categories, their risk scale, as well as processing activities, status of pre-assessment, whether a DPIA has been carried out and overall compliance level
  • Data Subjects' Requests – to display all existing data subjects' requests and ensure timely reaction
  • Data Breaches – to assess data breaches within the 72-hours timeline 
  • Freshness & Priority Indicators – automatically calculated based on last date of assessment and overall impact rating

HOPEX is our comprehensive lineup of integrated software bringing together industry-leading practices in enterprise architecture (EA), IT portfolio management (ITPM), business process analysis (BPA), and integrated risk management (IRM) into a single platform. Integrated into a single enterprise repository, our HOPEX solutions give you an interactive view of all your business and IT components – including their dependencies – and help you drive business and IT transformation.