Our IT Portfolio Management solution is designed to help IT professionals optimize and transform their application and technology portfolios.

IT departments currently face challenges on several fronts that prevent them from investing in new projects. IT costs have soared due to a growing number of legacy assets, while redundant assets are increasingly prevalent due to past mergers & acquisitions and business globalization. Those factors – coupled with a lack of understanding of IT portfolios and software obsolescence — are making IT systems ever more complex.

At MEGA, we have developed solutions that can streamline your IT investments and align them with your business priorities using a three-step approach:

  • Inventory: Create a repository of IT asset data using criteria relevant to your organization
  • Evaluation: Analyze and assess IT assets through standard and custom reports and dashboards
  • Transformation: Develop and compare many different transformation plans, and implement the best one

Our IT Portfolio Management solution helps you streamline your IT portfolio and increase the agility of your IT systems while focusing on business-critical applications. It helps you anticipate obsolescence, better plan IT transformation, and improve decision making. It uses a common repository and a collaborative workspace that centrally manages IT asset data and helps users share information and reports.

Our solution provides out-of-the-box integrations with third party solutions to facilitate the rationalization of your IT landscape and reduce time-to-value:

  • Flexera TechnopediaTM: Retrieve technology components’ end-of-life and end-of-support from an online library to mitigate technology risks..
  • CAST Highlight:  Get metrics on software code for your in-house applications and assess their cloud readiness.
  • ServiceNow: Align the IT inventory between HOPEX IT Portfolio Management and ServiceNow. Quickly populate the HOPEX repository and reduce time-to-value. Share applications and technology standards with ServiceNow.